Types of Custom Keychains and the Best Ways to Use Them

Albert Howard

Types of Custom Keychains and the Best Ways to Use Them

Ever wanted to get a keychain as a party favor, promotional gift, or gift for any other purpose? Here are some tips to help you narrow down the best brands and the best way to use them.

With countless models of locks on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to choose a model that suits your needs. These tips will ensure you find the most relevant keywords that will make your event memorable and leave your audience speechless! 

Here is a quick overview of some of the most popular keychains. 

Custom keychains

The custom keychains are useful in any situation, especially on outdoor trips and camping holidays. Easily attached to bag straps and belts, these keys keep keys safe at all times and provide the ultimate hands-free experience for users. 

When your guests take it for a hike, beach vacation, or bike ride, your brand will be all over them. Customize it with your team logo, photos, or mascot! 

Dog Tag keychains

Dog Tag Keychains are all the rage these days. These make great-looking keychains that double as pendants. Originally used by military personnel for identification, it has evolved into a name tag for your keys and other small items you use every day. Offered in a variety of colors, these key rings can match the color theme of your event to stand out! 

Dog tags are widely used as team tags or memory tags. Customize these with your company’s brand or logo on them and hand them out during sports days, special events, team spirit meetings, etc. 

Multitool Keychains

Multitool keychains come with additional features including a 2-sided Phillips screwdriver and a flat head driver bit. These handy Keychains are a smart and budget-friendly handout for connecting your DIY audience with your message. 

This can be used for any occasion because everyone finds these keys very useful not only to carry their keys but also to do small repairs and maintenance. These keychains make the perfect choice for tech tradeshows, store promotions, and employee appreciation days.

Luggage Tags

Luggage bags will make an attractive and useful accessory in any home or office. Trendy and brightly colored, luggage tags will help you identify your luggage in crowded airports from a sea of ​​pieces of luggage. Even if luggage gets lost or mixed up, the contact information on the tag helps passengers get back.

Even betterthese luggage tags are perfect for all your bagsfrom your purse to your duffel bag! These are great giveaways for giveaways, special events, and mailer campaigns.

Bottle opener keychains

The key of the lock comes out whenever the user wants to open the top of the bottle or use the key – Bottle unlocking is possible at their discretion. Your logo printed on these keychains will be remembered as something that got their party going! 

Choose from an amazing sense of shapes and colors; customize it with your brand and message and no one can have just one. Order in the remaining sales, sports bars, restaurant promotions, and more.

Flashlight keychains

Incredibly useful and friendly, these innovative flashlight key fobs will help your guests stay safe with their keys in the dark and in emergency situations. These provide great gifts during trade shows, conferences, sweepstakes, and employee gifts. Functional, dual purpose, and budget-friendly, these offers give you twice the signal exposure for the price of one!

You won’t have to worry about which type of key to choose. Our product experts walk you through the selection process to find the best options that will please your discerning customers. 

Know some reasons Why You Should Invest In Custom Keychains?

Versatile, fun, practical, edgy, or economical- Keychains fit into all of these descriptions and more. Whether you wish to promote brand awareness, emphasize your quality, announce the launch of a product or celebrate important events, keychains will achieve all these goals and a million more! 

In short, custom keychain is a versatile and that’s what makes them one of the most effective promotional items even today. Not everything; Here are some unbeaten key characteristics that have made it a popular choice for businesses to get their message across and engage their audience with their brand. 

Everyone uses keychains, which means that your message printed on these will get a lot of curious eyes. Keychains really make premium value real estate for your brand and message. Perhaps no promotional item is used more than key tags. 

High utility items

Keychains are used frequently; People rarely change their keys as they develop a sense of belonging to their key tag. It is this familiarity that makes it easier for people to find the right key from a group. Although many keys look the same, the keys are different and make a useful way to label different keys. 

Repetition and consistent presentation are essential to get a business message across. So, if your recipients use keychains multiple times each day your marketing message will sink into their minds. Every time they lock the front door, open the car door, or file cabinets in the office, your logo on these keys will flash through their eyes. 

A well-designed and fashionable keychain will also make a great conversation starter in your first recipient’s circle of friends, which will deliver your message to a wider audience.


Keychains are budget-friendly and can start at prices as low as a few cents which makes them perfect for gift giving for many events such as mailer campaigns. The best thing is that even at a low price, the keychains are offered in a variety of interesting styles including those with added features such as bottle opener keychains, stress ball keychains, or flashlight keychains.