What Is Sudoku Evil?

Albert Howard

What Is Sudoku Evil?

Sudoku is perhaps one of the most popular puzzles available. Many players love to play them because they tend to tease the brain and are fun and addictive too. But one of the unique things about Sudoku is that it has varying difficulty levels. One of the most difficult level to solve is Sudoku Evil

Sudoku Evil is only for experienced Sudoku players because it is extremely difficult to solve. But what is Sudoku Evil, and how can you solve it? Well, keep on reading this article as we discuss Sudoku Evil.

What is Sudoku Evil?

Sudoku Evil, just like any other Sudoku is a 9×9 grid Sudoku puzzle. But the only difference is that it has the highest difficulty level. Sudoku Evil is an advanced level that can only be played by veteran Sudoku players. Simple logic and basic knowledge of Sudoku can’t be used to solve this type of Sudoku. As the player, you must have a better understanding of Sudoku solving techniques and strategies and understand how to put them into action. 

While Sudoku Evil is a very difficult Sudoku game level, many experienced players find it more ideal because of how they tease the brain. 

How to solve Sudoku Evil

The principle of solving Sudoku Evil is pretty much the same as the classic Sudoku. The aim is to fill the grid, so that each column, row, and square contain all the digits from 1-9 without repeating any digit. However, in Sudoku Evil, there are much fewer numbers on the grid at the beginning, usually 4 or even less numbers. This is what makes Sudoku Evil level extremely hard to solve.

The best strategy to solve the Sudoku Evil is to start with the squares, columns, or rows with more prearranged numbers. Such blocks are generally pretty much easier to solve compared to those ones with fewer digits.

Sudoku Evil solving techniques

As already mentioned, Sudoku Evil requires advanced strategies to solve, unlike Sudoku classic that requires basic knowledge of Sudoku to solve. Here is the most popular strategy that you can use to solve Sudoku Evil.

  • XY-Wing Strategy

This is an advanced Sudoku solving strategy used to eliminate candidates. When using this strategy, you need to look at the parallel columns and rows. You won’t be concentrating on squares that much. The objective of this strategy is to eliminate possible numbers and get rid of possible pencil marks made earlier when starting to solve the puzzle.

Take a close look at the rows to identify any pencil marks that are the same in two spots, and then match that row with a row that is parallel to it. 

Why play Sudoku Evil

You can benefit in many ways from playing Sudoku Evil. This Sudoku Evil tends to exercise your brain, improve your memory, and help you learn to make decisions. In addition to that, playing Sudoku Evil can help improve your concentration. While this Sudoku level is very difficult, solving it can give you a self-satisfaction.