Types of Fans and Their Uses in a Residential Setup

Rohan Mathew

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The basic purpose of all fans is the same. They all help circulate air and cool a given area by circulating fresh breeze. They also help keep the humidity levels in check. And most importantly fans boost ventilation thereby ensuring that all the toxic gases and fumes are moved out of a given space. But, if all fans serve the same purpose then why do we have different types of fans. Why can’t just a particular type of fan be used everywhere. 

Well, here’s the catch, the word ‘everywhere’. While all fans serve the same purpose they can’t be used everywhere. There’s a different fan for different parts of your home. The fan types differ based on the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, and many other factors. That said, in this post, we talk about the different types of fans and their uses in a residential setup. Let’s take a look.

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Types of Fans

There are three main types of fans that can further be classified into subcategories.

  1. Ceiling Fans
  2. Portable Fans 
  3. Ventilation Fans

Let’s read about them one by one.

Ceiling Fans

As the name suggests, ceiling fans are a type of fan that are suspended from the ceiling. These are some of the most common fans that you would find in every household. Usually, ceiling fans are placed right in the center of a ceiling in order to provide even airflow to all parts of the room. 

Typically, a fan comes with three blades, however, recently fans with four to five blades have also been introduced. Note – A higher number of fan blades doesn’t mean that it gives a better airflow. A higher number of blades is just an aesthetic feature. If you are looking to buy a ceiling fan for your home, you should check out the wide range of ceiling fans that Luminous has to offer. Their fans come with unique features such as fans with LEDs, remote control and more. 

Portable Fans

Portable fans are a great value add for every home. They make life easy. Not only can these fans be easily moved from one place to another, but you can also use these fans with your air conditioner to boost cooling and reduce your power consumption. Another benefit of portable fans is that if you have a bigger room and your ceiling fan is unable to deliver air to all corners of the room, you can use a portable fan in that scenario. 

Portable fans can further be classified into

  • Pedestal fans

Pedestal fans are a type of portable fan that come with a unique height-adjustment feature that allows you to adjust the height of the fan based on your requirement. These fans can also be used outdoors. These fans come with a strong and heavy base that provides stability.

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  • Table fans 

Table fans, as the name suggests can be placed on a table and are generally used for personal use. If you buy a table fan from a reputable brand like Luminous the price range would be anywhere between INR 1900 to INR 2200 (approximately).

Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are a must for every home. They make homes habitable and hygienic. The main purpose of these fans is to improve air quality in a room by venting out the stale air and letting in fresh air. Ventilation fans also help remove humidity and bad odour making the room more habitable for you and your family. Usually, ventilation fans are installed in kitchens, bathrooms and other such enclosed rooms where it is necessary to vent the existing air and let in fresh air.

If you are looking for a fan to beat the heat this summer, we recommend you to go check out the wide range of fans Luminous has to offer. From ceiling fans to portable fans to ventilation fans, they have all types of fans available. And the best part is that these fans are energy efficient and reasonably priced.