What Is Included in a Regular House Cleaning?

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After a long day at the office, the last thing you want is to come home and do housework. Instead of doing the work yourself, have you ever thought about hiring a house cleaning service?

Cleaning a home is a massive project that takes hours of your time—why not give yourself a break and outsource it? This can save you time and you can then come home to work and put your feet up in your clean home.

But have you ever wondered exactly what is included in a house cleaning service? Will they tackle your bathroom? Or dirty dishes?

Keep reading to find out exactly what is included in a regular house cleaning service.

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Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning bathrooms is a job many people don’t particularly enjoy, so why not leave it to the professionals? As part of your house cleaning services, your cleaners will make your bathroom sparkle.

This includes scrubbing the shower and bathtubs, wiping the mirrors and glass surfaces to remove streaks and dirt, cleaning the sinks, and sweeping and mopping the floor.


Dust collects quickly in most homes—it’s not only unsightly, but it can also harm your health. Dust is known to cause allergies and can impact the quality of the air we breathe.

House including dusting of all the surfaces in your home. This includes fireplace mantles, bookshelves, desks. Tables, TV stands, and hard-to-reach surfaces.

Wood furniture can be polished as well, getting it a shimmering, clean look.


A professional cleaning service like Bright Cleaning Services, LLC will vacuum all the carpets and rugs in your home. They will also sweep and mop and hardwood or tile surfaces, ensuring they look their best.

This helps remove accumulated pet hair, dust, debris, and keeps your carpet looking its best.


Your house cleaning service will wipe down all the mirrors and glass in your home. Glass can quickly develop streaks, smudges, or dust, which can take away from the look of your home.

Leave glass and mirror cleaning to the experts and your glass surfaces will look as good as new.

Kitchen Countertops and Appliances

You may be wondering, ‘are there any house cleaning services near me that can help with my messy kitchen?’. If so, the answer is yes!

House cleaning services can help with even the dirtiest of kitchens, a room that can get dirty quickly, due to frequent use. Your cleaning company will sanitize and wipe down your kitchen countertops and sink, removing any stains.

They can also clean the outside (and sometimes inside) of your kitchen appliances, including the microwave, oven, and dishwasher. The stovetop will be cleaned as well, as this tends to gather stains and food splatters.

Your cleaners may also do dishes for you and take out the trash, but this varies from company to company.

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Hire the Perfect Cleaning Company Today

Why spend all day cleaning your home when you could leave it to the hands of a talented cleaning company? Now that you know what’s included in most house cleaning services, look for house cleaners in your area and find the right company like  eMaids Cleaning Service of NYC for your needs.

Once you get started and the cleaning company visits your home, you can relax and enjoy a pristine, sparkling home—it will feel like you’ve just moved in!

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