Understanding The Way The YouTube Algorithm Works

Rohan Mathew

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In the past few years, YouTube has become alert to all negative things happening on social media. The hateful contents are blocked and even contents which border on not complying with community standards getting tracked.  This has an impact on affiliate marketing which forms a big chunk of revenue generation. Channels having higher rankings and huge audiences tend to help the advertising in a big way.  But the pitfall of such advertising is that the advertisers must be sure that they are not funding hateful contents indirectly. 

In many cases advertisers overlook the channel content and go solely by its high audience base, then the YouTube algorithm demonetizes those hateful contents by acting on its own. Thus, that way they ensure the brands are protected.  It is like a popular Football team having a massive brand being sponsored by corporations or people with a dubious background which they were not aware of. Obviously, they would like to come out of it. The same principles apply when it comes to online advertisements.

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YouTube algorithm makes it easier for its viewers

The algorithm provides real-time results and allows YouTube to customize the videos as per the viewer’s interests.  Different viewers will be customized as per their individual choice.  The role played by an algorithm is without a doubt critical. They have the double task of finding which video will be suitable for its viewers and at the same time make them click and watch till the end. This method of increasing views organically takes time. Many channel owners buy YouTube subscribers from thirty parties and hope to attract more viewers and subscribers in the process.

Behavior and performance

YouTube algorithm behaves like CCTV. It monitors every activity. Nothing escapes its notice, be it the user’s behavior and on the other hand a video performance. The two important parameters for an algorithm are its search results and the watch recommendations. Search results vary from person to person. It depends on the title, description, and keywords.  Also, the search is influenced by the video’s performance.

The recommendations made by YouTube depends on the video’s ranking. This ranking is based on the score compiled by YouTube analytics based on multiple factors. All these may not make much sense to a creator or marketer and he would instead rely on experts such as Jaynike who can understand how the algorithm works and accordingly position the client’s contents for satisfactory results.

Factors such as clicks, views, time spent on watching a particular video, how many likes, dislikes, and comments. The performance of the video is measured in metrics known as view velocity or the growth rate that tells how quickly its popularity increased. The channel consistency is also measured in terms of the frequency of its video uploads and the time also people spend on the YouTube platform after they have finished watching a video.

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How does a YouTube algorithm get determined?

YouTube acts as the personal manager of a viewer. It looks at the users viewing history and accordingly matches similar videos.   They also analyze the channels and topics in the viewer’s history, and also how many times that same video was recommended in the past. The algorithms also target a YouTube homepage, trending videos, and notifications.