Use of payroll cycle businesses in India

Rohan Mathew

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Every business, regardless of its geography and corporate size, must have a payroll system in place to ensure that employees receive payment on time. A payroll software regulates salaries on a monthly or hourly basis.

A payroll cycle is the length of time between payroll, and it consists of several steps that must be completed to pay the employees on time. These steps include filing IT returns, adhering to legislative laws, checking employee working hours, and many more.  It may refer to the company, or software that is used to process paychecks and taxes, or the process of calculating and distributing employee paychecks.

What is the use of payroll cycle business in India?

  • Updating information

The information related to an employee may need an alternation for legal or financial purposes. A payroll cycle will send a standardized invoice to every employee for their detailed confirmation. It will help payroll cycle businesses to regulate payments systematically. This may involve information regarding time worked, taxes and deduction benefits, and disbursement of the pay.

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A payroll cycle needs to consider employee benefits, personal vacation, sick leaves, in time, and out-time of personnels. Moreover, salary compensations are according to federal laws and regulations of a company. Payroll will need the necessary information before disbursing the salary.

  • Salary calculation

A company needs to calculate various factors like tax liability, provident fund, and much more before zeroing down on a figure of salary at hand of an employee. A payroll cycle business invests a substantial amount of money in creating a system that calculates the salary figure of an employee.

Moreover, a payroll cycle business has knowledge regarding the changes in the tax liability or payroll laws. All the pre-tax deductions and benefits as offered by the law or companies will be adjusted in the payroll to calculate gross–to–net pay for employees.

  • Payment processing confirmation

Payroll need to be processed on a regular basis and must be accurate each and every time. Moreover, payroll is one of the largest expenses for several companies. It is very important that payroll is processed in a way that is efficient and reliable. Therefore, a business should outsource its payroll cycle activity. 

A payroll cycle business uses an automated processing system that disburses money from a client’s account to an employee’s account. An administration can have digital proof of every payment made by the payroll cycle business on their behalf. Moreover, the administration can print out or view reports in case of an automated payroll to verify employee details and calculations before sending out the salary, and its confirmation slip. 

  • Payroll accounting

The duties of the payroll company does not end at disbursing the salary. A payroll company needs to produce a tailored report for the respective departments to perform the related duties. These duties include auditing reports for the departments for establishing journal entries, tax liabilities, and payroll reconciliation.

An outsourced payroll company will be honest with its client and will produce reports without financial fraud. Moreover, an outsourced payroll will have an in-house auditing team that will audit accounts before generating a report.

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  • Data digitalization 

Traditionally, Indian businesses relied on excel sheets to store, manage, and process payroll data. However, managing the payroll system manually soon became a tedious and error-prone activity. These errors can affect the financials of the business adversely. Therefore, it should digitalize its payroll data by hiring a payroll cycle business.

A payroll cycle business has created a framework that manages payroll data digitally. Moreover, it helps the client by providing custom-made reports on a yearly or monthly basis. It helps a client in understanding the yearly tax amount, employee salary amount, and much more. The whole process of the payroll cycle will be hassle-free, as only one dedicated team will work on this activity.

  • Data security

For processing payroll, employees need to share their details of bank account, pan cards, and Aadhaar card. This information is very personal and has a substantial amount of sensitive data in terms of official documents. A lousy security patch can compromise employees’ financial and personal details.

A payroll cycle business model depends on robust security and safeguarding its client detail. Several payroll cycle businesses save its client’s personal information on an off-shore database. Moreover, a payroll cycle business creates a backup of every financial detail to protect the data from cyber threats.

  • Time Calculation

Reviewing and calculating employees’ working hours can be time-consuming, if done manually. An automated payroll cycle system can simplify this process, as they record employees’ time stamps and calculate hours based on those stamps.

A manager can verify if the timestamps are correct or need any alteration. This data will then get transferred into payroll software for salary reimbursement. Several payroll cycles have an in-built system that enter employees’ time stamps into a payroll system.

  • Help in budgeting

Several human resource budgets are based on the data from the previous financial year. These budget results are often close to the forecasted result, but not completely useful. Several businesses forget to consider half-yearly expenses like pay raises and bonuses. Using payroll cycle data can help businesses draw a budget after considering the previous year’s expenses.

A payroll cycle data helps determine expenses and produces a better-rounded view of the company’s employment activities. A payroll cycle business can help a company unlock its full potential and also understanding and integrating payroll data in budgeting. It will help the company in yielding better returns on its investments.  


A payroll cycle business framework will help several Indian businesses in reimbursing its employees on it. Moreover, a payroll cycle business will do the heavy lifting of a calculation tax rate and deduction. It will bring transparency between the employee and employer.  By taking into account these important points, a payroll cycle will help its client in optimizing their operation by managing both the task and its team. Maintaining a payroll system is very complex and may result in several errors. Therefore, one should choose to outsource their payroll activities.