Use These Tips And Become A You tube Sensation In No Time!

Rohan Mathew

Youtube is the most commonly used platform nowadays where people express their views by the medium of videos. It has grown up as one of the most used platforms globally to spread awareness, advertise, entertain, and as a career option. No wonder that youtube has become a source of forming a career for other people.

Youtube career is just like any other profession where people can make their career slowly and gradually. The person who creates content for the youtube audience is generally termed as Youtuber; a Youtuber who wants to generate income from youtube will definitely require to create a business account on the platform and needs to deliver regular content to it. The content is a video that can be from any field and is made available for the public, the number of people who watch the video is termed as the views on the video, and on the basis of the views, youtube makes payment to the Youtuber.

Now the question is how to get a good number of views on your youtube video? If you are going through this question, then you must follow the tips below to increase your fan base on youtube.

Try informative and good keywords

Keywords are the heart and soul of your video; keywords are the group of words that a normal youtube user can use to search your video on video. For example, if you are creating some content that delivers food blogs or cooking blogs, you will definitely require to use a keyword related to food, cooking, dish name, or something related to it. These are some words that the user searching will use in the search column.

Promote your video

Promoting your video can be done in various ways, but promoting can also be classified into two broad terms that are:-

  • Promotion
  • Advertisements


Under the promotion, you will require to promote your video on different platforms using different ways; different ways may include promoting your video on the internet, promoting it on different social media, doing donation videos, or collaborating with others. All these terms are really very broad and need a proper explanation.

Internet and social media: using social media platforms to gain some more views to your video is of no harm. a user can promote their video on different types of 

  1. Social media platforms: it may include adding the video to Instagram, Facebook or other handles where you have a good number of people as your followers and have some hope that they will view it. You can also ask your friends to add your video to their handle so that you are able to buy real youtube views by paying them in exchange.
  2. Donations to NGO: Non Governmental Organizations have a large number of people connected to them; a Youtuber can arrange some live donation video or videos that are made for charity purpose only so that they can get a solid fan base where people can join their platform and stay connected. People generally show their most love towards charity and will help you to gain more views on it.
  3. Collaborations: different YouTubers can collaborate with each other and gain viewers from each other. Some YouTubers are already famous on youtube and have a strong fan base; it is like the video gets views just by their names; such YouTubers will help you to gain more views if you add them in your collaborating videos. Famous YouTuber can also help you to gain viewers by a shout out on their channels.


Advertisement is another way to gain views, but it will cost you some amount; you need to pay some amount in case you want your video to be advertised. There are multiple ways to advertise your video; you can advertise your video on youtube itself, where you will have to pay for every single click on your video. When you ask youtube to advertise your video, your video will appear in the people’s suggestion list, where if people click on your video, you will be charged a nominal amount as the advertising fees.

Another way of advertising includes paying for the promotion of your video or to buy cheap youtube views.    

Quality content

Another big term that can define your future in the world of youtube is the quality of content that you want to deliver to the public. Approximately each and every field can be defined in a video, but some of them gain popularity, and some may not. Have a look over some of the famous content on youtube.

  • Entertainment: entertainment is a name given to a wide range of categories in it; all your movies, songs, jokes, and pranks are included in this part. Suppose you are creating some music videos of your own. In that case, you will be categorized in the entertainment category of video and viewer who wants to search for music will get your video.

Many famous YouTubers are creating content under the entertainment category where they perform different acts that can be of their own scripts or doo roasting all these videos are most liked by the viewers.

  • Knowledge content: the content that delivers a certain type of knowledge to the viewer can are categorized under this category. Mostly they contain educational videos that teach people how different things work and how they can study.

The final words

Finally, it is quite obvious that your views on the video can highly depend on the type of content that you deliver; in case you deliver obscene content, you may also get reported by the community and incur fines. However, after content, the viewership of your video depends upon the ways that you use to promote and advertise your video; if you do it all right, you will be able to get more views on your video.

Finally, we must not forget how important the description and the keywords of the video are; after making all these efforts, if you are still struggling to get good views on your video, you can use the option to buy views on youtube.