How to Distribute Your Press Release

Rohan Mathew

The SEO value of press release distribution through various wire services has always been almost zero and will remain that way for many years to come. Many press release distribution agencies charge hundreds of dollars per press release, with little to no ROI. Some agencies even create and distribute a multitude of press releases for one price, but very little benefit to the agency or their client. This is not a good way to gauge the worth of a service. I have decided to make it my business to be the one stop agency for all press releases.

The first step to take when deciding to use a press release distribution service is to identify a company that offers value to your business. You should do some research to see what type of press releases they have done in the past for other companies. It is wise to choose a digital PR agency that specializes in online marketing. Also consider your budget, as there are plenty of affordable services that are not very reputable.

As you set out to set up your own PR agency, it is wise to have a clear understanding of how you will distribute your press releases. You have three basic options: submission to major directories, online distribution, or offline submission. You can also offer your clients an entry option, which allows them to submit a news release directly to you. This will allow you to have a higher level of exposure but will require that your clients set up a profile initially.

Most press release distribution services to offer their services in two different ways. Some will simply charge you for each press release that you submit, while others will charge a flat fee for unlimited submissions. I recommend choosing the largest and most well-known service that you can find, as this will give you more exposure. However, if you only have a small budget, you will be able to obtain the same exposure with less effort.

If you are simply setting up a one-way press release distribution service, you will likely be offered either a flat fee or a monthly service contract. There are pros and cons to both options. With a flat fee, small businesses will be able to obtain the same exposure that large companies can, but they will not be offered the same support. Monthly services are great for small businesses that do not have a budget, but will need press releases on a regular basis. Using a service such as PRWeb, a small business can publish a press release once a month, which is very low cost.

The key to successful press release distribution is to work with a trusted journalist. When working with an experienced journalist, you can ensure that the distribution will be handled in a professional manner. A journalist understands that there is a balance act that must be maintained when working with a company that is new, inexperienced, or not established. For example, if a company is sending out only one press release, it’s important to have contact information available and an agreement regarding revisions and additions to the news report. A good journalist understands that a company is in business to make money, not to promote their company. If the journalist does not understand that, or the company is not willing to communicate this with the journalist, the company may lose potential business.

When working with an experienced press release distribution company, you will receive several releases throughout the course of the month. You may even receive several releases a day. Because the company understands the value in keeping you informed, many people have no problem paying a fee for the releases. This helps you stay well-informed about the business as it relates to your field. Not only will you receive quality press releases, but also valuable insight into how other companies should be approaching their industry. In addition, your articles will be interesting and unique, allowing you to attract a loyal following that is interested in what you have to say.

If you are a new writer, you may consider using Newswire services for the distribution of your press releases. Newswire services will provide searchable links that can be added to any release. This is a convenient way to get your Newswire service account and make money at the same time. If you are already a Newswire services writer, you will want to take advantage of the Newswire services by getting your releases in PDF format. This is the most commonly used format for Newswire services and is easily transferable to other writers if you ever need to do a news story for a different media outlet. Keeping up with the changes in technology and the industry is necessary if you want to find success with your business.