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Your business card says more about you as a professional and your business. It creates a positive or negative impression on your clients and associates since it is your first marketing tool. As such, you have to find a printer that does an outstanding job on your business card as your marketing needs grow. Check out several trips for designing and ordering the perfect business card.

Consider your audience

Like any other marketing campaign, before you design your business card, consider your target market. For instance, a business card for a lawyer will be very different from one for art. A professional who offers services is going to have a different business card from one who sells products. Consider who your consumers are, how you want them to feel when they read your card and who you want to attract. Also, determine your call to action. Do you want the consumer to go over to your website and order your products or visit your facility?

The information on your business card

In the older days, a business card contained only the essential information, which is your name, company name, address, and contact details. Due to the presence of the internet, business cards today have additional information such as email addresses, website addresses, social network Ids, etc. Note that the less cluttered your business card is, the better. People are not good at mastering non-essential details. Just ensure you include all the essential information such as the company name, website or email address, phone number, and what exactly you offer.

Design the perfect logo

Your logo is your brand. As you design it think about what you want your consumers to feel when they see it. Delegating a professional to design your logo is very helpful. You do not want consumers to think of your business as any other average company that can be outdone by a good one. When designing your logo, be simple, creative, use few colors, and most importantly, you want a design that looks better in both large and small landscapes.

Choose the best printers.

When printing your business card, you do not want to settle for less. Choose competent printers with enough experience in printing business cards. Reputable local printers will show you samples of business cards they have worked on previously so that you can make an informed choice. They should be willing to collaborate with you during every step of the process to ensure they create what you want and not what they want.

Business card size and shape

Your appropriate business card’s size and shape will depend on your audience, their expectations, and what you want them to do with your card. Ideally, a business card is rectangular or square with the appropriate size to fit in a wallet or shirt pocket. Even if your business card requires the client to scan the card to put your information on the computer, do not deviate from the standard size and shape of business cards. If you have more information to add to the business card, a folded card will do better than an oversized one.

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The takeaway

Make your business card stand out. Nothing is exciting as handing your business card over to someone, and they spend a considerable amount of time looking at it. That is the impression you want to make with your business card.