Top 10 Attraction Sites in Put-in-Bay, Ohio 

Rohan Mathew


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Put-In-Bay is an Ohio township on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. It’s a beautiful island, with lots of memories to be made – because there’s plenty to see. Interestingly, it’s one of the most affordable places to visit for a family getaway.

One unique fact about Put-in-Bay is that golf carts are the most preferred way of travelling from one attraction site to another. So, it’s recommended to hire one from some of the reputable golf cart providers like Here are the top ten attraction site to visit while in Put-in-Bay.

1) Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial

This Monument is built 352 feet above Lake Erie’s to commemorate victory during the 1812 civil war. When you visit this place, you will be shown a 15 minutes video about the lake’s history and the Island in general.

If you are fortunate enough and visit this memorial on “National Park Day,” then you will be treated to a reenactment of canon fire just like it happened in the 1812 battle on Lake Erie. You can take an elevator to the observation deck top of the Monument and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the town. On a clear day, one can see Cleveland, Ohio, 60 miles away.

2) Butterfly House

Come experience the different species of butterflies flying around in a well-maintained flower garden. Most of them are Costa Rican butterflies.

Expect a humid temperature because the butterflies are housed in a greenhouse. The butterfly house is relatively big with a place to view many cocoons. The huge beautiful butterflies will land on you but you are not to touch them- they are harmless.

There is a reasonably priced admission fee. It’s a relaxing place to spend with family for a few hours. There is a rock fountain in the rear, which can be a staging area for family photos.  The gift shop is fantastic and you won’t resist the temptations to leave with a few trinkets.

3)  Put-in-Bay Winery

Wine lovers should not miss to visit the Put-In-Bay Winery located just across the street from the lake. The winery is a beautiful old house with lovely indoor and outdoor seating under umbrellas, an outdoor bar, and porch seating.

You can sample a few wines as you watch the boats in the lake. Many visitors recommend the homemade chocolate martini – it’s fantastic. Most of the wines are not made on the Island but brought in from Sandusky, where they are made with the Island’s recipe.

The staff are friendly and will be more than happy to offer a tour of the quaint 1800 style home. Photos from way back will confirm this is an old stately house that has been well preserved.

4) Perry’s Cave & Family Center

Perry’s cave is next to the butterfly house. You should wear comfortable shoes with traction when visiting. The tour is short, about 20 minutes but you will go down steep steps. If you are tall, you will have to dock because you will enter into a low ceiling that opens up to a beautiful cave. There is an underground lake. The temperature there is 50 degrees all year round.

Apart from the cave, you can play putt-putt golf with family and enjoy the gem mining. There is a gift shop there too. Also, there is an antique car museum with a free entrance. It is an excellent place that you should schedule when planning to visit Put-In-Bay.

5) Miller Ferry

To get to Put-in-Bay, you can either take a flight or the miller ferry. The miller ferry is both a passenger and a car ferry. The trip to Put-in-Bay Island is about 20 minutes. You get to enjoy the fresh lake experience with friendly staff.

You can buy a roundtrip ticket either at the gate or online. You can climb to the top deck for a breeze and a clear view of the Island as the ferry heads there. There is plenty of sitting available on the Miller ferry.

Once you reach the Island, you can either take a taxi or rent a golf course to help in navigating the Island. Also, you can opt to come in your car as they are allowed on the Island.

6) Lake Erie Islands Historical Society

If you are visiting a place, you better get to know some of its folklores that give you the islands perspective.

Lake Erie Islands Historical Society, which is centrally located within the Island, is full of the Island’s history, be it from military and local history artifacts.  The locals donated a large variety of antiques for the preservation of the Islands’ history.

Be sure to watch the 15 minutes informational movie about the Island’s history. The entry fee is very minimal. There is a resale shop adjacent to the museum if you want some souvenirs.

7) South Bass Island Lighthouse

This lighthouse with a very good view of the bay is located at the very southwest tip of South Bass Island.

However, expect to get a closed sign since it is only open for tours a few times each year. Nevertheless, you can set a picnic in the well-kept and lovely grounds surrounding the lighthouse as you enjoy an incredible view of the sunset over the lake.

8) Last Resort Engine

The Last Resort Engine is a fire truck bar outside with oxygen tank seats and flashing lights.

Yes, it’s a real converted fire truck with seats covered in real fireman’s coats with their names written on them and fire hats hanging from the ceiling. The bar stool has fire extinguishers as its poles and an old hose as its footrest. Its low key outside bar and a fun place to stop by for a mid-afternoon cocktail as you watch people go up and down the street.

9) Scheeff East Point Preserve

This is a beautiful place with birdhouses everywhere for a hike on the Island.

You will be asked to clean your shoes on a brush so as not to spread seeds. There is a path that is well maintained with few overgrown leaves of grass that you can walk through and continue along up to the waterfront. The park, which is trying to preserve the natural ecology, offers some sense of tranquility. You can also collect shells while at it.

10) DeRivera Park

The park is quite large and has got plenty to offer. This includes a huge gazebo, several historical monuments, fountains, antique weaponry, among others. It is a perfect place shaded with huge trees to relax as you check out the main drag and lake view.

Traveling is an awesome experience, but there are many things you must consider. In addition to creating an itinerary, you need to choose suitable accommodation. There are many hotels in Put-in-Bay, but the most suitable option will depend on your preferred location, price, type of accommodation available, access to on-site amenities, and facility’s reputation.