Video Conversion: It’s not a difficult thing anymore thanks to Wondershare UniConverter

Rohan Mathew

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There are a multitude of tools for converting videos today, but many are limited and don’t always do a decent job. The UniConverter from Wondershare offers a complete suite with several tools to make your life easier when creating content or just editing.

It brings ready profiles to make it easy to convert videos to YouTube, Facebook or even Instagram. UniConverter supports over a thousand different formats, and you can only extract the audio if you want to keep only the music of a video clip.

The tool also offers an editor for you to cut an unwanted part of the video and even change the pattern. If you recorded in 16: 9 format, you can reduce it to 21: 9 and have a suitable video to be played in full screen on the most current smartphones.

Still in the editing part, UniConverter brings options to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation. In addition to dozens of filters to totally change the appearance of your video. If you do not understand much of these settings, just check the option of Automatic Improvement, so that it makes all the adjustments for you.

If you have a YouTube channel and want to leave your watermark in the corner of the video, UniConverter also offers this option, and you can even choose the level of transparency. There is support for adding subtitles and even boosting the audio volume if the volume was below what you wanted.

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When starting a video conversion, for example you want to convert WebM to MP4 effortlessly, you can choose an option to be performed when the process is finished, such as turning off your computer. And for those who have an advanced multi-core processor, it is also possible to activate hardware acceleration to extract the maximum performance from your machine and reduce the video conversion time.

In the second tab of the program we have the options to download videos from the Internet. If you want to pull a video from YouTube or another site, just copy the link and play on UniConverter. It supports over 10,000 different websites. In the window that will open you can choose the format and resolution, in addition to defining whether you want only the audio.

The third tab comes with the recording options. This is where you will add the videos you want to play to a CD or DVD. UniConverter also gives you the option to create the DVD navigation menu with some ready-made layouts, but you can modify and place the background image you want.

There is also the possibility to convert images, but there are not as many options as for videos. If you are a fan of GIFs and want to create your own memes, there is also this option in UniConverter. Just select a video and cut the desired section to convert or choose a group of images.

If you are looking for a complete tool to capture your PC screen, whether for streaming games or creating tutorials, UniConverter is also a great option for that. If you just want to reduce the size of a file, either by reducing the quality or resolution of the video, you can also do so in the Toolbox menu of the software. Closing the toolkit, you have the option of streaming content from your PC to your TV. And for those who have virtual reality glasses like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR models, it is also possible to convert videos in 360 degrees.

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Prices and plans

Are you interested in UniConverter? You can subscribe to the annual plan for $ 39.95 or $ 55.96 if you prefer to have the pepertual plan. If you want to share the UniConverter with others in your organization, there’s the Team & Business plan for $ 59.95. If you are a student, Wondershare provides a special discount, which can be explained as follows:

Monthly Plan: $ 7.98

Quarterly Plan: $ 19.96

Annual Plan: $ 31.96

Lifetime Plan: $ 55.96

It is available for Windows and Mac and also has a free trial version. Hopefully this article can be of use to you. Give it a try and thank you for reading!