Virtual Event: Benefits of Hosting an Online Conference

Rohan Mathew

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Virtual Event

Virtual event is not a new concept, but it seems it has received a global acceptance due to the corona pandemic.

The advancement in technology and the need to reach out to a large group have created many new ways to organize meetings for a large number of people without the need for a large space.

Virtual and hybrid events in the form of conferences, job and trade fairs have established themselves and add a new category to traditional events. 

Benefits of Virtual Events for Business

There are many reasons to hold an online conference, the benefits of virtual events is not limited to the lock-down period, and doesn’t mean that physical event is no more important.

It’s just that the advantages of virtual platform is enormous when compared to physical event.

Let’s look into the benefits of virtual conferences for businesses and how you can make your virtual event planning better.

You can’t miss the Event

Does this statement sounds unrealistic? Nope! If you miss a physical event, that may be the end but if you miss a virtual event, you can easily listen to the event as podcast.

One of the advantages of online conference is the fact that it lives on after the event: sessions can be recorded and offered as on-demand sessions, allowing users to relate to the event after the live event has closed.

The digital content of the event can be accessed in different formats, and you can engage with it by liking it or sharing it on social media.

You don’t have to miss a bit of the event, compared to an event hosted in a physical building, presentation, chat and interview can be accessed online on virtual event platforms.

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Easy to Plan

In physical event planning, your plan includes booking the hall for the event, and finding a befitting place that would be available on the day of the event can be difficult.

Most times, it’s the availability of the space that determines the day to host the event.

While online events have the same elements as physical events: handouts, sponsored booths, and press conferences, however, the difficult part of getting a suitable hall, decoration of the hall, lighting, tech gadgets to use and seat arrangement etc are excluded with virtual events.

These elements of physical even planning that are not in online event can help to save costs, time and other resources, and it can make things easy

Continuing Interest

The interactive feature of a virtual event allows multiple conversations despite the distance in time, space or topic.

Games, chats, polls and interviews enable the audience to enjoy it and have continued interests, and also promote the establishment of new business relationships.

These tools help the customer to understand the reactions and perspectives of the event visitors better.

You can reach more audience

Adding a virtual event to the planned event concept has the advantage that a much larger audience can be reached.

The easiest way to increase your reach online is for the participants to share the event and the website (ideally with the option to register for the event) with their friends, acquaintances and business partners.

Anyone with an internet connection can participate in an online event.

Mobile devices can be used to join the event anytime, anywhere, making it ideal for people on the go.

Real-time data and analytics

Virtual events allow the organizer to generate new leads and see which attendees are registering for the next event.

These numbers make it easy to see results and allow for continuous improvement in the program.

Some companies use online events to increase interest in their event and to attract real visitors to future events.

Others use virtual events as teasers to promote content and attract a larger audience to their event. Still others want to increase their sales through virtual events.


Virtual events are fast becoming the preferred platform to learn, network and connect with like-minded people from around the world.

There are many good reasons to add a virtual component to the next event.

Regardless of the reason, virtual events are increasingly being used to reduce costs and connect globally dispersed attendees.

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