Virtual School Assembly: Here’s How To Make It Easy For Your Child

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

On account of the Covid-19 outbreak, your child may not be able to visit their school this year too. The students may not be able to meet their classmates, have a good laugh in the cafeteria, participate in community activities, put their team spirit on display on the playground, or grow in the positive school culture, maybe for the whole session. But the pandemic cannot keep them away from learning. 

The year 2020 witnessed virtual classrooms in their full glory. The schools are all set to assemble the students virtually for their classes this year also. 

If your child is gearing for their virtual school assembly, you can lay a helping hand and make it easy for them to get comfortable with this virtual learning concept. 

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Here is what you can do- 

  • Create a timetable 

When going to school, children naturally develop a routine. But it gets difficult to follow a routine when they are home 24X7. 

As virtual school assemblies are here to stay, your child needs to have a timetable, and you must help them with that. 

Encourage your child to follow the same timetable as they used to follow before the Covid outbreak. Make sure they sit in the class after bathing and having their breakfast. Set a time for their studying, homework, and extracurricular activities. 

Having a timetable will keep them punctual for their online sessions. 

  • Help them prepare for the class

Help your child to organize all the required materials before their online class begins. They should have their textbooks, notebooks, and stationery all in front of them during their online session. 

Most importantly, keep the device (mobile or laptop) fully charged so that your kid doesn’t have to look for a charger in the middle of the class. 

  • Familiarize yourself with the app 

The virtual assembly applications provide a lot of features that make things easy for children, teachers, and parents. Some applications also have online planners, To-Do lists, and other organizational tools that help them to devise a schedule. 

To take optimum advantage of the app, go through the app before the session begins. Check out these features and learn the basic functions, like sending a message, raising a hand, muting and unmuting, starting and stopping the video, etc. 

  • Keep the atmosphere quiet and peaceful 

How is your child going to study with all the loud audios in the background? They need a quaint and peaceful atmosphere to concentrate on their online class to learn new theories and concepts. 

As a parent, it is your responsibility to create a peaceful atmosphere at your home when your child has an online session. 

If you are entertaining guests during the session, make sure you are not around your kid’s room. If you have a younger one at home, keep them away during the session.

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  • Be around when the session is going on

Well, the kids today need no assistance with the technology. They don’t need you to set-up the laptop or log into the app. But it doesn’t mean you should leave them on their own. 

Be around them and keep checking if they need your help. 

The bottom line 

Virtual classrooms are the new normal today. With the uncertainty of the current situation, no one has the faintest idea how this academic year will unfold. But learning shouldn’t stop at any cost.

These technological advances have given us a way of taking the situation in our stride. Use these tips and make sure your child makes the most of these virtual learning experiences.