Top 11 Reasons Why RV Camping Is Better for Vacation

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I still remember our last trip to the mountains with the whole family. We were a group of around 15 people and were traveling in 3 RVs. It all began when my granddaddy saw a commercial on the television about going for a vacation on the RV. He was on our throats for the next 6 months to plan a trip for the same and let me tell you in the beginning that we were foolish that we waited for 6 months to do so. The whole trip was so amazing that now we have made a pact to go on a vacation on our RV’s to new places every year.

There is no doubt that an RV is a home in itself, plus you get to be with everyone in one instance just as it is your living room with the added benefit of the serene beauty of the road. My take on the benefits of taking the RV to vacation with your family is summarised in 11 points. Let’s discuss them as we go:
Luxurious and Comfortable Travel

It is said that luxury has no bounds, it is a subjective aspect. For some even a billion-dollar home is not enough and for others, a small home with all the essential needs is a luxury in itself. But when it comes to vacation in an RV it is truly a luxurious experience. The moment we started our trip it was almost like we will be riding till the end of the journey and never get bored or uncomfortable.
Talking about comfort, have you ever tried sleeping on an RV couch or a bed for that matter. No?
Well, then you are missing on a lot. Not just the beds and the couch, our RV also had some extra kitchen space. There was enough room for five people to stand around the table and have their food. More than that you will get to camp outside when needed or even rest inside the RV for when the weather is not so pleasant.
There is a fridge, television, air conditioning, bathroom and that with a shower, what else can you ask for from your mobile home.
Exploring New Places with Wonderful Memories

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Source: How to Winterize
As we were approaching the RV campground, there was a stunning waterfall just a few meters down the hill from the road. My son spotted it and we stopped to see if we can reach down there. The moment we reached that spot, it was just the most beautiful sight that I have ever seen in my life. The whole area was full of rainbows, a cool breeze, and it was just the best.
My point is that, if we were traveling by train or by air, this would not have been possible. They wouldn’t stop for us to have a look at a waterfall. And this was not the only spot that we had discovered, there were a lot like them all the way wherever we tread the road.
Plus, the kind of memories that we gathered here were not to be found anywhere else on the trip. The whole family standing beneath the waterfall and conversing with Mother Nature directly was something that cannot be explained in words. You will have to experience such a thing by taking your own RV out on the roads and then finding such places along the way.
Less Spend More Travel:

Source: Compact Appliance
On average, our RV gives a mileage of 15 miles per gallon and that takes our 150 miles trip per day to a cost of around $300, give or take. This cost is then divided into 5 passengers traveling in one RV. I guess you got my point.
At such a low cost, we get to travel anywhere in the country and have an amazing experience that is topped with the fun frolicking time that you will be able to spend with the family.
Plus, you have the freedom to go anywhere you want. The road is open, all you have to do is take a turn and see where you end up. However, it is better to plan the trip ahead, make a map and follow the route. This option is more approachable as compared to the other one, which has a ‘Maybe’ factor involved in it.
Moreover, you will not have to spend on hotel bookings, for transportation. You have a full-fledged home to your anvil; all you need to do is turn on the ignition and off you go. Trust me, this will help you reduce your spending and increase the fun.
Kids Will Be Happy

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Source: Go RVing
Generation Z, as they are called were not so eager to go on such a trip in the beginning. Because they are a little aloof from nature and do not like to spend more time with the family if I am being honest.
But once it all started, the kids had the most fun on the whole trip. They would just do everything they can during the day and sleep like a baby at night. Plus, as a father, I got to spend more time with them and have a man to man with my sons.
Healthy Activities and Entertainment

Ok, so here is what we did while on our RV vacation. We went kayaking, zip line, fishing, bungee jumping (even my dad did it), swimming, paragliding and what not. Believe me, whatever we saved on hotel and other travel expenses we spent it all on the activities. The best thing was that we did it all together as a family. Not to mention mountain biking which was again an amazing experience.
I took care that this trip will be an adventurous one where each and every one of us gets to do something fun and daring. Plus, there were activities for all age groups wherever we went. When crossing through a city we went to the mall so that the kids can play their games, there was a lot of shopping done along the way. The older people were just happy watching the whole family enjoying together.
The main point is that when you are riding on the RV, your hands are not tied to anything. You can work while on the road if you want (but I would not recommend that, but when duty calls you can’t do anything).
There are a lot of sources for the whole family entertainment. The campgrounds where we stayed for the nights were also full of such activities and entertainment sources. There are movies at some campgrounds for everyone to come and enjoy an old classic.
Travel with Entire Family

Source: Travel Mor Trailers
All my family members work in different cities, so there are not many opportunities where we can be together for long. But, going on a trip with them on the RV was much better and left us with a lot of memories.
In the RV as you are all together it makes for a great family time plus you also get to know each other better. But you also have to ensure that everyone has some alone time. I think that a vacation is meant for both purposes, one is to come closer to each other and the other is to introspect on our life.
Keeping that in mind, you won’t get more time to be with your family or to introspect in any other place other than on a trip in your RV. I bet that in your own house you won’t be able to sit together as a family for this much time in one day as you will be able to in an RV. Think about it.
Available space and Unlimited Luggage

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I have spent thousands of dollars until now on additional luggage expenses on airports. But with an RV, you can carry all the weight you want as long as your camper trailer can handle it.
Plus, you can also add something extra like bicycle, outdoor games, and other sorts of equipment. We brought along a portable table and chairs for having our food out in the open. And we also had an extra tent and also some additional necessities like cooking utensils, board games among others.
More than that, most of the RV’s that you rent will have the necessary equipment. But if you have your own, then make sure to keep it stuffed with everything that you may want to use on a trip. There are enough cabins and storage to keep even the other additional belongings. You can keep your laptop, your backpack, some clothes, toiletries and other small stuff in these storage spaces.
The best thing about an RV is that it won’t look like much from the outside. But once you enter inside, it is a whole new experience.
Enjoy Your Own Food

Source: Grandma House DIY
The first we stayed outdoors, all the men in the house tried their hands in cooking. We may not be like Gordon Ramsay, but it was delicious, at least that’s what I think.
We always watch TV shows about surviving in the wild and exploring the world. But with a trip like this, you will be able to experience all of it hands on. I am not saying that you take your family through a jungle and see who turns up on the other side.
No, what I mean is that you will really enjoy making your own food in the outdoors on a campfire or a barbecue. We carried along with all the necessary utensils, ingredients, and a barbecue.
I know that making your own food can attract some animals from the wilderness, but it’s a good thing that you are traveling in an RV and not on foot. An enclosed space such as you get in a fifth wheel trailer is perfectly safe for the kids and your whole family.
The first we stayed outdoors, all the men in the house tried their hands in cooking. We may not be like Gordon Ramsay, but it was delicious, at least that’s what I think.
A Learning Experience for Kids

Source: Create Play Travel
The best thing about such a trip is how much your kids can learn from this journey. We went to several places, explored the mountains, the terrain, and got to see the whole topography. Fortunately, we had some geography experts in the family and they taught everything to the kids. Like how are mountains formed, the reasons for the formation of the caves, the kind of terrain that we traveled on and much more.
I think this is an amazing and fun way to learn something new. Plus, it also allowed the kids to understand the impact of climate change on Mother Nature.
We also went to various RV parks where the kids were able to enjoy with other kids and had a lot of fun. They made new friends and I think that the kids enjoyed more than the adults on the trip.
Sleep on Your Own Bed

Source: US Auto Authority
RV’s have the same kind of beds that you have in your home. Some of them are even better and will let you sleep like a king. Sleeping in a camper trailer is not like sleeping on the floor or on the roof of the motorhome. The beds are luxurious and you will find that they are super comfortable.
As per my experience, these beds are better than the beds in motels and other sorts of accommodation that you may find on a trip. We all traveled throughout the day and would sleep in the nighttime like a baby.
Pet-Friendly Vacation

Source: Trip Savvy
Most of the time when you go out on a family vacation the pets have to be left either with a relative or at a pet hotel. Honestly, I don’t trust anybody with my Doberman, so the best thing for me is to carry him along.
In other modes of transportation, this is not at all possible because most of the airlines and other transportation modes do not allow pets. An RV, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to bring along your furry friend and never have to worry about leaving it alone. Moreover, why should you have all the fun.
In the end…
The crux of it all is that going for a trip on an RV is much better than everything else. You have the freedom to do anything you like, live like a king and go to any place where the road takes you. I had a lot of fun on my maiden trip and as I have said before that we are going to make this a yearly thing from now on where the whole family will go together on a trip and make new memories every year.
If you are thinking about whether or not to go on your own RV vacation, stop thinking and start doing. You won’t get many chances in life to connect with your family and friends in the way you can do on a trip. Be safe & never forget to have fun.
Peace .