Water ATM: Are They Dispensing a Feasible Solution to Safe Water?

Rohan Mathew

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Gone are the days when a water ATM was used as a novelty. The concept of inserting a coin into a machine to withdraw clean and safe water is as innovative as it sounds. The automated water dispensing machines are finding their way into a lot of public places like malls, metro and railway stations, airports, etc.

According to research, one out of three people globally do not have access to safe drinking water or water purification systems and this can trigger water-borne diseases like schistosomiasis, intestinal worms, trachoma, typhoid, and cholera. India alongside Bangladesh and Uganda are amongst the few countries where both the NGOs and the private sector entities are battling this issue by installing water ATM.

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Water ATMs-The Modern Solution to Clean Water

The water ATMs are developed to operate round the clock and are powered by solar energy, and can effectively collect the rainwater and help it get purified through solar-powered osmosis. The machines can also be connected with the grid system and you can assess the machines through a coin or water card that is sold by the small stores and vendors.

This is how people can enjoy trusted access to safe drinking water at a reasonable price. It is known to reduce the time that people traditionally used to spend on collecting water. As per water ATM expert, one water ATM can offer 12,000 liters of water every day. According to the professionals and experts, the water ATMs have long term benefits, owing to their sustainability and commercial viability which in turn would help better the livelihoods of several people.

Why Have People Started Relying on Water ATMs?

People can no longer depend upon the supplied water by the municipal corporation as it is rife with impurities. As per research, the offered tap water might be within the water safety in most countries but can have slightly increased levels of lead. The water in the ATM goes through a water purification system through the reverse osmosis process to get eradicated of its high levels of salinity, making it drinkable.

One lesson taught by the water ATM is that it manages services in water-scarce regions in public places. In terms of making accessibility and presenting water at a competitive price. While this might be an effective solution, it needs more investment.

Essential Maintenance

One of the challenges to incorporate a water purification system is its maintenance and upkeep. For the water ATMs to stay as a sustainable option beyond initial incorporation, the communities must have the potentiality to function them. Often the queries that pop up are what amount does it need for installation and how much does it need for upkeep over a long course of time.

The guarantee of the smooth functioning of a water ATM comes when you can ace the talent of operation upkeep, supply chain, and logistics.

In a country where millions of people lack access to proper drinkable water and more than half the amount of groundwater is rife with heavy metals, nitrate, and fluoride, safe and cheap water just by a press of a button can be the only beam of hope. This is what the water ATM represents. Indians can now buy safe and clean water by inserting anything between 25 paise to Rs. 5/lts into these water dispensing machines in various parts of the country anytime during the day.

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More and More Companies Coming Out in Support of Water ATM

A lot of companies have now come out to set up a water purification system in several regions of the country. A lot of efforts are going into the making of safe drinking water and the adopted technologies. And municipal corporations across the world are signing tonnes of deals with respective companies to set them up.

Why Support Installations of Water ATM?

  • To begin with, the most important advantage of water ATM is it offers safe and healthy drinking water to everyone, regardless of caste, community, and religion
  • Secondly, it is one of the most cost-effective sources of drinkable water for both urban and rural areas
  • The water dispensed from the water ATM is free of all types of germs, as it is purified through the latest reverse osmosis, before making it accessible to people
  • The water purification system saves both time and energy for people who stand in queues to get even the smallest amount of clean drinking water
  • Water ATM is one of the important sources of water for the water-scarce region. With water ATMs beside, people need not bother about collecting or purchasing drinking water regularly. The water ATMs make drinking water available for its cities and places.

The water vending machines can prove to be a helpful solution in getting rid of the water scarcity problem and contaminated drinking water in the country. People can only look up to this budget-friendly source for purchasing water even in a regular manner, as it would amount to them so much. More importantly, they learn to understand the value and importance of water through a water ATM.