Water Filter Warehouse Has New Technology To Promote Healthy Lifestyle

Rohan Mathew

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Dan Kelleher, The owner of the Water Filter Warehouse did say that his goal is to provide each and every resident of the Tampa Bay Area with the highest quality water in order to promote and enhance a better healthier lifestyle. The main aim of Dan Kelleher is that everyone living the Tampa Bay must not get any kind of sickness or illness due to drinking impure and contaminated water. 

The chloramine removal water filter warehouse of Dan Kelleher is located at 3110 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. in Valrico, adjacent to Kim’s Natural Pet Foods. You can surely be able to find any suitable water filtration system as this water filter warehouse has everything that you will need. The water filter warehouse offers a variety of filtration systems including from water coolers to drinking water systems. Also, the customers can find the whole house water filtration system at this water filter warehouse. The water filtration system will remove all the possible impurities and harmful contaminants such as iron, lead, sulfur, bacteria, copper, chlorine, and other heavy metals. 


You must know that the harmful contaminants are not beneficial for your body as well as the appliances. Using impure water for a long period of time will surely decrease the life span of the appliances. So you need to make sure that you and your family members are drinking pure, clean, and healthy water. It is sure that you will be well aware of the normal tap water that contains a number of harmful contaminants that can make you really sick. But this water filter warehouse will ensure that all the citizens of Tampa Bay will drink filtered and healthy water. The customers can also be able to find the shower filters, gravity pitchers, straws that help to filter water, and of course, alkaline water. 

Due to Florida’s shallow aquifer, any and everything that is sprayed will surely permeate in the aquifer. So it will eventually contaminate the entire water system and people will drink unknowingly that contaminated water by drinking directly from the tap water. If you are drinking poor quality water, then you should know its consequences as it will not only affect your body but also it will affect your family member and loved one’s health. Drinking impure water will directly lead to getting white spots on glassware and fixtures, scaly buildup on shower doors, dry hair, itchiness on the skin, strange smell, and taste of the water.

One of the latest concepts that are successful enough to attract almost everyone in the past years is electrolyzed water. You must surely have heard about the electrolyzed water that is made with the combination of water, salt, and electricity. It is mostly useful for food sanitization, water purification, and disinfectant. 


Dan Kelleher, who did grow up in Virginia with only one passion to provide and get clean water, says “We sell anything and everything water,”

He continues, “When I grew up I worked for every brand water company to learn from each one of them,”

“I started my own company and sell the best products that these companies offer.”

Having more than 200 years of experience in the industry, Dan Kelleher and his team did say that Water Filter Warehouse is one of the most popular 1 percent dealers that helps to provide clean and pure water. 

“We don’t get that distinction for not having knowledge about every product they have,”

“This system creates water that becomes a natural disinfectant and can safely kill 99.99 percent viruses and bacteria,” said Kelleher.