Way To Use CBD

Rohan Mathew

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Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the non-psychoactive substance that comes from cannabis plants. Normally extracted from hemp plants, CBD has risen in popularity as it has many health benefits without the crazy high that THC produces. Many professionals and others that cannot accommodate THC into their lifestyle, often turn to CBD as the best alternative. Here are a few ways how you can use CBD throughout the day and still feel good with a clear mind!

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Ways to use CBD

There are many ways to take CBD and many use it for a variety of reasons. To alleviate muscle pains, a headache, any symptoms of sickness or just to unwind are just a few reasons why CBD is so popular in society and no signs of stopping. CBD can be taken through the following methods:

  • Dry herb: smoking a joint with a CBD-dominant strain will have you feeling nice without feeling completely faded. Try a high CBD strain like Harlequin or Sour Tsunami, they are relatively easy to find in your local dispensary and usually pretty cheap!
  • OIls/tinctures: the most versatile way to consume CBD since you can spray it on essentially anything! Considered to be the most potent method of consumption, CBD is mixed with a carrier oil (like olive oil or coconut oil) and can be dropped under the tongue as a tincture or sprayed on foods. Oils/tinctures are very effective so it is highly suggested to use with caution!
  • Vaping: instead of smoking tobacco or THC, there are now CBD pens that provide the same experience but with a pure CBD high. Please advise that vaping cartridges can often have additives and other elements in a vape pen that might be harmful to the body. Always do your research and know what ingredients you are consuming.
  • Pill Capsules: many turn to CBD capsules since that is the only way to really control your dosage. It is also a fabulous way to stay discreet since there is no smell or long process to consumption. Just pop one an drink a glass of water and you’ll soon feel it!
  • Food + beverage: CBD can be eaten or put into a drink, like tincture drops. However, similar to edibles or other THC types of food and beverages, it does take some time and depends on the person to feel the effects of CBD. Everything depends on the person’s tolerance, the amount consumed, how much you’ve eaten that day, etc.
  • Topicals: for an instant application and targeting spots on the body, topicals are a wonderful option when spot treating. IF you have a sore knee or cramps from your menstrual cycle, applying CBD to the affected area should calm it and help your pain subside. It is not as powerful as a tincture would be since you are not consuming anything, so try to use a topical product with higher CBD levels to have a similar experience.
  • Microdosing is also an excellent way to use CBD in your life and the effects are unmatched. CBD users are often shocked that their stress or anxiety has subsided and how quickly they’ve been able to be the best version of themselves. Learn more about microdosing and how to microdose.

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CBD is an excellent option for those that want to unwind and feel good, but sans the psychoactive effects THC has that can make you feel a little too much. CBD is great in the sense of how versatile it is yet provides a specific and targeted solution to healing your body. THC may not be for everyone, but CBD is! Make sure to grab some supplies from the Everything for $4.20 store so you’re all stocked up and ready to go! What is your favorite way to consume CBD and why?