Ways to Celebrate your Birthdays in Quarantine

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

The Coronavirus pandemic that is currently happening and forcing us to do physical distancing at home has resulted in many changes in our lives today, be it in work, interactions, to important moments in our lives as birthdays.

The birthday that we were waiting for does not seem to be what we imagined before, especially for those of you who have birthdays in these months when conditions are still uncertain. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t especially celebrate your birthday even though we are undergoing quarantine at home and can’t meet loved ones. Here are some things to make your birthday more meaningful in the midst of the Corona pandemic:

Holding Virtual Birthday Parties

You may have to cancel plans to have a party or hang out with your friends, but you can still celebrate it virtually. Invite your friends with e-cards or Instagram stories that you created yourself and set a definite time to chat together via FaceTime or Zoom. You can make a video card for your loved ones using the birthday video maker app. Take advantage of this time to chat with each other, play games, and blow the birthday cake you prepared yourself. To make it even more fun, you can also plan a special theme or dress code to make your birthday party feel more pronounced. Believe me, lots of people are looking for excuses to try on new clothes or grooming after days of being stuck at home.

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Do Things That Are Fun for Yourself

Even though you are undergoing quarantine at home and feeling a lot of negative emotions, birthdays are days that are dear to miss and can be a precious moment for you. This is an opportunity to please yourself. why not buy yourself a custom paint by number Even though the choices are quite limited, there are many things you can do, such as ordering your favourite cake or food or even making your own. If not possible, simply enjoying your favourite snack while watching your favourite movie or series can also be an option. In essence, do something that makes you happy! Keep getting up early and going out to the patio or near the window to enjoy the morning sunshine and be grateful that you are still given your age to this day. And if you like it, maybe it’s time for online shopping buy gifts yourself?

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Plan the Next New Year with Excitement

Cosmo believes the phrase “this too shall pass” aka bad days will definitely pass. All the fear and stress that we feel in the current Corona pandemic will not last forever. If your birthday this year feels gloomy and sad, think about your next birthday and believe things will get better. You have a whole year to prepare for the most epic birthday party in your life when things calm down and return to normal.