Ways to Help Your Secondary School Child Improve in English 

Albert Howard

Ways to Help Your Secondary School Child Improve in English 

English is one of the core subjects in Singapore’s education system. If your child is failing in English, that can make them miss a spot in one of the top colleges or polytechnics after completing their GCE ‘O’ Levels. Seeing your kid struggle with a particular subject can be stressful for any parent. And you may be looking for ways to help them improve their English grades. It’s never too late for your child to improve. They have to work harder, and as you encourage them, here are ways to help your child score higher grades in the English language examinations.

Switch to English News and Shows

No matter how informative local news is, you need to switch to English news and shows if your kid is struggling with English. International news stations such as CNN and BBC have news presenters who speak fluent English. These individuals can help your child have a better command of the English language. Most children learn through experience. In English news programs, they can learn how to use conjunctions, tenses, and verbs. They can also hear new vocabulary.

Since kids can easily be distracted by links and other channels, it’s crucial that you make time to watch the news together. This will ensure you supervise their viewing. Also, when watching English news and shows, ensure your child is attentive and not buried in their phones. You can also habitually listen to English radio stations in the car.

Buy English Newspaper and Magazines

Reading is an excellent method for your child to boost their understanding of English. Most kids find their textbooks to be ‘boring’. You can spice things up by buying English newspapers and magazines. These are slightly different from typical textbooks; your child can develop an interest in them. Magazines and newspapers can enrich your child’s vocabulary and knowledge.

A pro-tip when using English newspapers and magazines to help your child improve is to find something they like. If your child is into fashion or current affairs, you can get them special magazines that discuss such topics. Thanks to the internet, most magazines publish content online. You can utilise these as well. Magazines can significantly boost your child’s English writing skills.

Hire an English Tutor

Even though your kid has an English teacher at school, they may not be getting the attention they require. This is why you should hire a professional tutor. English tutors identify the areas your child is struggling with and offer personalised programs.

If you are interested in a professional English tutor, https://www.superstarteacher.com.sg/secondary-english-tuition utilises effective strategies to boost your child’s aptitude in English. This qualified English tutor provides virtual lessons and learning materials to equip your child with adequate knowledge. With the help of a tutor, your child will be more proficient in English, and they will score better grades in their exams.

Encourage Your Child to Use the Recommended Dictionaries

A dictionary is a handy resource when learning English. It simplifies vocabulary and gives you a better understanding of various words and phrases. There are many dictionaries these days. You can even find some online. But students should stick to established dictionaries like the one published by Oxford or Macmillan. Such dictionaries clearly outline the true meanings of words. Online dictionaries can provide misleading definitions, which can adversely affect your child’s education.


These strategies can help your child pass the English subject, thus opening up many career opportunities. Improving your child’s English skills won’t occur overnight. It needs persistence and continuous effort. This is why hiring a tutor is crucial. You can also switch to English as the main language for communication at home.