Ways to Incorporate Sports Shoes in Day To Day Wardrobe

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Ways to Incorporate Sports Shoes in Day To Day Wardrobe

If you are fitness conscious, then it is likely you spend a fair share of time in the gym. You are even willing to spend quite a lot of money for the right gear like sports shoes and other items. . However, have you ever stopped to consider a way of incorporating these into your daily life?

Sports shoes can be an excellent way to add comfort, confidence, and style to your daily wardrobe. All you have got to do is find the right combination. This article will explore some of the unique ways of bringing these combinations to life, irrespective of gender.

Training shoes

Let us start with the infamous training shows. These shoes are made for a wide range of activities, including jumping, lunging, bench pressing, etc. They cushion the sole and protect it from high impacts, making it an excellent choice for gym-based activities. Nevertheless, it is time we look at it from a more fashionable perspective. The best ways to pair training shoes are with tapered style jeans, denim shorts, sporty shorts, etc. However, make sure to avoid dress pants and chino shorts with them.  Adding ankle-length socks to the mixture instead of long socks can work wonders.

Running shoes

The thing about running shoes is that they provide a hardcore foundation for the entire body while you race through gravel paths and trail roads. This level of protection, when combined with apt clothes, can make anyone look smart. 

Apart from sports attire, running shoes go perfectly with tailored suits, knee-length dresses, and skirts. Wearing socks, in this case, is not mandatory and can be avoided. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the color of the shoes should be in contrast with the dress opted.

Tennis shoes

Heels have been the fashion statement for centuries, but tennis shoes and other forms of women sports shoes are quickly becoming a trend in modern times. Tennis shoes are meant to offer traction and durability against hard-court surfaces. 

However, the recent trend has proved that there is more to it than meets the eye. Their compact design makes them highly compatible with outfits like short and long slim-fit dresses and wrap skirts. Dark colored skinny jeans along with a contrasting pair of light-shaded tennis shoes can also be an excellent duo. Make it a note to opt-out of socks in such cases.


A pair of sneakers is something that every other gym person owns. They allow your feet to breathe and provide stability for all forms of free-hand and machine-based exercises. Keeping all of this aside, sneakers are quickly becoming the in-thing in the fashion world. 

Women’s sports shoes can be paired with skinny jeans, cropped jeans, and even dresses. In the case of a metallic shaded pair, adding the same colored jewelry can shake things up a notch. On the other hand, matching sneakers with dark denim jeans or khaki shorts are an excellent option for men. Moreover, wearing sneakers with tailored suits has become quite the trend recently.

Important points to note while wearing sports shoes with daily outfits

  • It is very common for sports shoes to emit a foul odor due to the excess sweating during the workout sessions. Therefore, make sure to deodorize before using them for stylish endeavors.
  • Every outfit offers a different kind of getup. So be certain that your sporty footwear is not too worn out, or else it can damper the entire look.
  • Even though wearing socks with sports shoes is a must, it is better to skip them while aiming for fashion statements. However, if going sockless makes you feel uncomfortable, choose an invisible pair that fits underneath the shoe line.
  • In case you are planning to go for printed footwear, it is best to combine them with a solid colored outfit. It helps to draw attention to the patterns on your shoes. 
  • Keep in mind to avoid sporty shoes with bladed cleats and spikes. Their unique design is only meant for the field and can cause serious damage to the floor and carpet. In addition, they can also fail to provide the much-needed grip on slippery grounds.

To sum it all up

While choosing sports shoes, look for attributes like fitting, durability, grip, cushioning, lightweight feel, heel collar, etc. Style is not given much importance when selecting men’s and women’s sports shoes. As long as it fits the workout profile, it works. Nonetheless, if you seek new ways to ramp up your day-to-day looks using sportswear, pay attention to the color and patterns. Opting for neutral or basic colors like white, black, blue, etc., along with getting quality products at the best price can make all the difference.