Ways to place a lace front wig

Rohan Mathew

Lace front wigs have revolutionized natural style and sheer sophistication with their innovative sheer lace front construction. A favorite amongst celebrities, lace front wigs offer endless styling options and benefits because of the undetectable hairline which allows the wigs to be styled far away from the face.

But, how does one placed on a lace wig? We take you thru our expert recommendations on the way to place on a lace front wig so you’ll exit with confidence!

  1. Concealing your hair

When it involves putting on a lace front wig, if you’ve got complete hair loss, then the lace will sit neatly against your bald hairline. If you’ve got any natural hair, then lace front styles are still invaluable. Simply tuck in your natural hair back, far away from your hairline. If you’ve got shorter hair to hide, pinning your hair back with small Kirby grips should do the trick. You’ll also confirm your hair stays firmly in situ with a spritz of hairspray or little amount of mousse. Just remember to permit this to dry before continuing on to subsequent step.

  1. May be a wig cap needed?

It’s time to make a decision whether you would like a wig cap or not. Wearing a wig cap is totally right down to personal preference, for those with a sensitive scalp it’s a stunning layer of protection between you and your wig. However, some wig wearers think a wig cap are often a touch hot and sweaty and need to offer their scalp a touch of breathing space. If you are doing want to wear a wig cap, it’s time to put this over your natural hair, or if you’ve got complete hair loss over your scalp. Position your wig cap along the front of your natural hairline; gently pull the cap backwards over the rear of your head.

Staph gives her very own lesson on wig caps and staying secure. She also shares her own experience with wig caps and wig tape, revealing it’s a must have in her wig-wearing kit.

  1. Putting on a lace front wig

If you’ve got opted for a wig that’s very on the brink of your natural color and elegance, you’ll pull your wig cap backwards ever slightly to reveal your hairline for a more natural overall look. Now that you’ve done the groundwork, it’s time to place on your lovely lace front wig. This may require some initial adjustment, but there are straps at the nape within each wig so you’ll tighten or loosen the cap of your wig for a fit that’s perfect for you.

  1. Choosing a method

Lace fronts are often pre-cut or uncut. Most of our lace styles at Simply Wigs are pre-cut lace so there’s no got to get your scissors out. We do supply some uncut styles, where you merely trim any excess lace from the front of the wig. Attempt to cut on the brink of the knots but not so close that you simply unpick the fiber. Our ultimate guide to wig styling offers tips and tricks for selecting the simplest style that reflects you and your fabulous personality.