We Love Natural Stone Basins

Rohan Mathew

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Natural stone is an excellent way of improving your home’s interior decor. It is available in multiple options, including granite, marble, travertine, and limestone, etc.

Here are the top reasons why many homeowners like natural stone basins


People find natural stone basins desirable because of their swirls, specks, and veining. Moreover, they are unique – you can never find two identical pieces, be it marble floor tilesor any other material.

For this reason, homeowners who love exclusivity and classic designs tend to be attracted to natural stones. You can also use this material to display your taste.


A natural stone basin adds functionality to your home while making it more visually appealing. With its versatile design, you can easily match your home’s interior decor.

For instance, you can use contrasting materials on your sink and countertops. The attractiveness of natural stone makes your kitchen more aesthetic. 

Alternatively, you can use the same material for the sink and countertops. Imagine a kitchen lined with navy blue granite tiles – it would be a sight to behold!

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Another benefit of investing in natural stone basins is their durability. Since they are naturally robust, they are less susceptible to dents and rust.

Unless you subject them to excessive force, marble and granite tiles are almost indestructible. If you maintain natural stone basins properly, they can last a lifetime.

Heat Resistance

Most natural stones have high heat resistance. Even if it gets hot outside, your basin will feel cool when you touch it. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about damages when you use warm water to clean your utensils.

Furthermore, the toughness of natural stone enables it to withstand harsh weather conditions.


The first step to maintaining your natural stone basin is wiping it regularly using a sponge. This prevents the accumulation of soap scum that makes cleaning difficult over time.

It is also advisable to wipe any pools of water immediately after they form. Ignoring them leads to the formation of watermarks.

Whenever you spill a product that can form stains, wipe it off instantly. This is because leaving it for extended periods can cause discolouration. Examples of materials that can stain your stone include coffee, hair dye, nail polish, and tea. 

While applying a sealant can slow down the absorption of staining material, it only works for a short time. 

Because it is a natural material, avoid using acidic bleaches and other abrasive products on natural stone. Besides damaging your basin’s outlook, these materials can make the stone more brittle and susceptible to breaking.

One of the standout qualities of natural stone is its ability to withstand wear and tear. For this reason, you can use a brush when cleaning. However, avoid using tougher scrubbers like steel wool and scouring pads.

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The fascination with natural stone basins is reasonable because of their durability, elegance, and robustness. If you are looking for a material that offers the perfect blend between classiness and longevity, use natural stone.

That said, you need to take proper care of your stone so that it serves you for many years. Ensure that you wipe off any spills immediately, avoid cleaning using abrasive products, and more importantly, use a sealant. Lastly, polish your stone regularly to maintain its appearance