Website development – an overview

Rohan Mathew

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Web designing is on the upward trajectory as one sees the digital revolution across the globe. As more and more business transactions are done on a digital medium, organizations and businesses are focusing on the positive online experience for their customers. Web design refers to the design of a business website on the internet. The design is relative to the user’s experience or rather the user-friendly template which is intrinsic to the business success.

Website Development

If you are looking for a new website or redesigning an existing website, you can get a list of top 5 Atlanta web design companies and compare their services and price quotes. A good web developer would ensure that a website looks attractive, professional, and loads quickly.  As web designing is getting more and more upgraded every day, ensure that the latest functions are in place.  Ensure that the website loads quickly and the navigation across the different pages is fast and user friendly, otherwise the user who is generally impatient and has a very short attention span, tends to click away from that website and move on to another one.

The term web design is not very clear about its role. Apart from the design, features, and looks, it also includes a host of other services. The complete solution involves designing a website using some of the latest development tools like WordPress for example, building interactive features, web hosting services and providing solutions on the technical specifications.

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Starting a website Project

A web designing and development company would ideally have a Project Manager who would interact with the company and understand the project details. Once the blueprint is ready, the project Manager guides through the entire process and takes feedback for any changes or specific requirement to the company’s needs

Project Plan

Once the project plan is in place, web development companies design several dummy non-functional graphical representations based on the discussions and inputs provided in the project plan. This representation gives an overview of how the actual website would look like. Given Google’s all-important rankings nowadays, the web designers take into account the SEO optimization and browsers compatibility, download time, useability, and other technical functions which are intrinsic to the website;

Building website architecture

Once the review of the mockup is done, the feedback is taken and incorporated into the development process.  Apart from the graphic designing process, parallelly the web developers work on building the website architecture and the database alignment.

The final website building is done by using development tools and standard web compliant languages such as HTML, JavaScript among others.  Depending on the client’s requirement, Web developers use the appropriate technology and platforms for optimum performance.

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Testing and launching

The final step is the website launch and testing. Once the website is complete and the features look attractive, it is then tested and checked that the end to end process works smoothly and glitch-free.  The navigation part is the most important and confirms whether it is user friendly or not. The testing and any site revision are done as one uses along. These web developers also ensure that the website is promoted enough in all the search engines.  Post-launch of a website, service providers like Blue Light Labs, give after-sales support, and site maintenance is handled by them.