Welcome Aboard: What the Best Luxury Airlines Offer Their Passengers

Rohan Mathew

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Air travel often isn’t glamourous. Cramped seats and crowded cabins can make flying a turn-off. Getting a first-class ticket may ease some of the annoyances that coach tickets have to face. But those amenities hardly compare to what the luxury airlines provide to their passengers.

Ever wanted to know how the elite get treated in the sky?

World Class Meals

A must for luxury airlines are decadent meals for their passengers to enjoy. Half of a Coke and a bag of peanuts won’t do. The best airline food is rated five stars.

Singapore Airlines often makes headlines for its luxury accommodations. The Book the Cook option allows first-class passengers to choose their meal before boarding. Their in-flight meals are themed to the destination.

Meanwhile, on Etihad, first-class passengers are treated to a seven-course dining experience. Start with champagne and a palate cleanser before the main course. An entree of the passenger’s choice and cooked to their desires. The meal finishes with dessert and a coffee.

If you’ve ever wanted to eat meals prepared by world-class chefs, Air France is your go-to. French chefs often prepare this airline’s in-flight menu.

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Comfortable Suites on Luxury Airlines

If sleeping in an upright airplane seat is not for you, consider booking a suite. Singapore Airlines has first-class suites that will make you feel like you never left home.

With features like a personal closet, a fold-down bed, and an HD television, you may never want to leave the plane. If that isn’t enough, bonus items like pajamas, slippers, and a toiletry kit filled with skincare might sway you.

If you still want to upgrade from that, Etihad Airways offers a three-room suite that includes a living room, bedroom, and bathroom. You also get a butler for the entire flight and a chef to prepare your meals.

These amenities add some serious value to the aircraft. Have a luxury aircraft appraised on vref.com.

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A Spa Retreat

Traveling can run you ragged. So why not take a time out to relax in a shower spa?

On some Emirates flights, first-class passengers can enjoy The Shower Spa. This long, hot shower will reinvigorate you before stepping off your flight. Especially when using the luxury toiletries this airline has to offer.

To finish your pampering, the airline also offers fresh juice to detoxify and boost, so you’re ready to start the day.

If flying makes you tense, maybe a full-body massage will help. Thai Airways offers its first-class passengers in the Bangkok airport full-body oil massages. There is even a signature massage called Royal Thai Massage that’s sure to revive your aching travel kinks.

If you’re heading to Hong Kong, the private lounge through Cathay Pacific offers temperature-controlled cabanas. Featuring a bath, rain shower head, and plush robes and towels, this is the best place to layover. The lounge also comes with a concierge service.

These luxury airlines certainly treat their passengers with style. From delicious food to comfortable suites, there’s no shortage of amenities that will make flying feel like an extension of your trip. Do these luxury airline amenities make you feel like flying?