What Are Phone Charging Stations And How Do They Facilitate Users

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When looking for a charger station, the first thing you’ll notice is that they come all shapes and sizes. They’ve been around for 10 years and the first ones were just a power strip with cords plugged into it. Today’s more modern recharging stations come in charging towers.

According to Sean Carrigan, CEO of MobileQubes:

“Phone charging stations are easy and convenient ways to charge your phone on the go, or when you’re out and about without a charger or access to an outlet. MobileQubes designed our kiosks to allow users to rent portable chargers for smartphones and tablets that can be taken with them on the commuter train or at an event, and then return it when they’re done”

“One of the most important factors to consider when building a network of phone charging stations is location. We’ve established important partnerships with organizations including the Chicago Transit Authority to ensure our kiosks are easily accessible by those who are most in need of charging.”

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Here are a few of the basic things you’ll want to know about charging stations before you set out on your quest for power.

  1. 99% of the charging stations on the market today need just a regular 110v power outlet to operate.
  2. Phone Charging stations can come with or without cords built in.Some cell phone kiosks have lockers and some don’t.
  3. Most charger stations with lockers use a re-settable 4 digit PIN to lock and unlock the doors.
  4. With locker units, there is always some sort of key, fob or code that can open any locker in the event that someone forgets their PIN.
  5. Newer electronic charging stations charge at 2.1 amps and older ones charge at 1 amp. This is a huge difference.
  6. Manufacturers are now incorporating charging cables into furniture like charging tables.
  7. Mobile Charging Stations have really taken off in the last 2 years as the demand for phone power has greatly increased.

Price for cell phone charging stations range from $400 USD to $11,000 USD depending on what you’re after. But you can get MobileQubes for as low as $49.99

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Types of Charging Stations:

  1. Wall Mounted Charging Stations

A wall mounted charging station is the simplest and least expensive of the charging stations on the market today.

  1. Cell Phone Lockers

Cell Phone Lockers are a great way for people to secure their dead phones and still keep moving around. As we know, standing next to a recharger station or sitting on the floor can get a little tedious.

  1. Phone Charging Tables

There are various types of phone charging tables to choose from. Some come with cables, some with USB ports and some with 110 volt outlets for laptops.

  1. Phone Charging Towers

Some would say that Phone Charging Towers are the cats meow when you’re looking at purchasing a charging station for phones. Aesthetically, these are probably the most impressive looking charging stations and they offer a great opportunity for you to showcase your brand in style.