What Are The Benefits Of A Help Desk?

Rohan Mathew

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What are the benefits of a Help Desk?

The organization certainly has external stakeholders which must have certain interests with the organization, especially customers. Simply put, the help desk is useful for channeling questions, complaints, criticisms, and suggestions from customers. Conventionally, these activities are usually carried out by telephone or email. However, as technology has developed, organizations have begun to look to the use of internet-based help desk systems in the form of applications, software or those integrated into websites or the cloud.

Implementing help desk software in an organization or business helps reduce the negative impact of problems or unexpected changes. Incoming inquiries and complaints from customers are data and information that can be used as material for business leaders to evaluate customer feedback and policy changes effectively. In addition, responding to customer inquiries and complaints quickly can increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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An efficient help desk is one that integrates well with the system in the office and can provide first contact resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible. The main benefits of a help desk are:

  1. Customer Satisfaction

A good help desk increases customer satisfaction when responded actively, consistently helps users, and goes the extra mile in providing technical support. This provides support to the company’s goals and facilitates its business growth by increasing the number of returning customers.

  1. Product Quality Improvement

The help desk serves as the first place to record customer complaints and problems. The help desk should not only try to resolve this problem, but should also be responsible for tracking down all complaints, types and degrees of recurrence. Furthermore, the help desk helps to draw conclusions about problems and deficiencies of a product and then presents them to the development team. As such, the help desk acts as the main source for supplying feedback to the development team, who by acting on the report can further make product updates and improvements.

  1. Increased Productivity

Apart from recording complaints, the help desk also performs complaint management and solution tasks. By leveraging various procedures such as the complaint or tagging system, they effectively manage and direct complaints to the resolution center they prefer. This provides clarity, prevents confusion in the workplace, and also reduces the time it takes to solve problems. All of these factors increase operational time and efficiency and result in higher productivity.

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  1. Cost Savings

Any process or procedure is feasible only if it results in cost savings for the company in the long run. Running a help desk requires human resources, software and hardware which results in additional costs. However, these costs can be dealt with by higher costs of return through increased productivity, improved product quality, customer satisfaction etc. Furthermore, by providing real-time feedback on product or service problems and acting as a general solution center, will also save costs.