What are the benefits of having Spotify and SoundCloud following?

Rohan Mathew

Music is an essential part of life for many people. In fact music is an integral part of our lives. We listen to music on happy occasions, get-togethers, when we are sad or in any general environment. Therefore music streaming applications are one of the most used applications in the entire world and the two most famous are Spotify and SoundCloud.

Spotify and SoundCloud both have millions of users between both the applications. Some prefer one while others prefer the other. Some use both to stream different songs. On Spotify, you can find all the major artists with their genuine profiles and the actual versions of the songs. Whereas on SoundCloud, yes, you can get the original versions but there are also many covers of the original songs from the artists.

Becoming a creator on Spotify and SoundCloud

If you are into song writing and singing, you can also join these platforms. Especially SoundCloud provides you a lot of opportunities to cover different artists and release your version of that song. You can also become an artist on Spotify but as it has a huge number of very well-known people working on it getting the recognition is a little bit harder.

When you become a creator and start your page on either of the platforms, there are people that can follow you on them if they like your songs. There are various advantages of having Spotify and SoundCloud following.

Benefits of having Spotify and SoundCloud following

Spotify and SoundCloud as we discussed above are two of the biggest giants in song streaming, therefore being a creator on them can be fruitful. So if you are working hard and people like your stuff you will earn SoundCloud and Spotify plays that is going to enhance your audience. Once people start listening to your songs they will start following you which can have various advantages listed below:

  • When people start following you on these platforms, you start to catch the eye of the people and your songs may get the recognition that you want them to.
  • By achieving followers, you may start earning through your singing. Different brands when they find out that people like your songs will want to work with you and you can get paid by brand endorsements.
  • Through followers, you get appreciation for your work. People are following you because they like your work, so when the like your work they will be your fans and you will have a fan following.
  • You develop yourself more and work even harder when you get motivated when you have a lot of following.

These were a few advantages or benefits that you can enjoy if you have followers on Spotify or SoundCloud. Due to both having millions of listeners and thousands of artists working it is not an easy job to get recognized and earn followers. But earning followers give you a lot of perks and you have to work hard for that.