What Are the Best Shoes for Walking on Cobblestones and Rough Terrain?

Rohan Mathew

Walking is one of the best ways to tour an area, and it’s also a great way to explore a new city. There are many beautiful cobblestone streets in Europe, and many of them offer amazing views, architecture, or a chance to walk through impressive parks.

Perhaps you plan to spend a few days exploring one of our great national parks and don’t want to be grounded by slip-and-fall accidents due to improper footwear. Uneven pavement or rocky terrain doesn’t have to put a crimp in your walking pleasure.

What to Look for in Shoes for Cobblestones

You should always prioritize the importance of having a sturdy pair of walking shoes that fit your feet perfectly to comfortably walk through rugged terrain, somewhat like climbing a mountain as well as the shopping areas, and cobblestone streets on the way. Here are some useful tips to make you aware of what is important when buying a pair of shoes for walking.


The most key factor that needs to be considered before buying your shoes is their durability. Whether touring a European city on foot or hiking at Yellowstone, it is likely the adventure will take a toll on your shoes as well as your feet! That is why spending a bit more for a solid shoe that will withstand the beating that cobblestones will inevitably cause them is one of the best investments you can make.


Any trip where you will be walking a lot, such as hiking or city sightseeing, requires comfortable shoes. For the sake of your budget and luggage room, travel experts recommend semi-dress shoes with a good grip that have soles made of rock rubber and shock absorbers. If you have pain that is specifically between your third and fourth toes it could be Morton’s neuroma which would make walking on cobble stone even more challenging. If you have this pain you should try adding Protalus Morton’s neuroma insoles to the shoes below to make them even more comfortable on your journey.

Opinions vary widely on the “best” everyday shoe for rough travel. There is no perfect shoe for all situations. The optimal shoe will vary depending on your daily activities, anticipated terrain, the conditions you’ll face, and the climate you’ll experience. You may need more than one pair to cover all possibilities.

Top Women’s Shoes for Walking on Cobblestones

It’s important to think about this decision carefully, not just jump in and buy the first pair you like. The shoes will need to be on your feet for a good part of the day and need to fit you well enough so that you are comfortable. You also want to get a pair that will last as long as possible, and one that you can wear several times before they need to go into the washing machine. You may want to consider one of these.

Ecco Soft 7

For years, walking shoes were the most boring things ever. All of them looked like clogs. And they all had some sort of ‘anti-slip’ sole – which was usually the most slippery part of the shoe.

Eco Soft’s use of a patent-pending hybrid technology called ‘Romulex’ completely changes the way in which rubber soles are made. By combining two different rubber formulations (his and trans) into one sole, it is possible to make it significantly softer than conventional soles (but without sacrificing durability).

The Merrell Range AC+ is a shoe to consider for anyone looking for the perfect balance between style and comfort. They’re easy to wear, meaning that you won’t get tired of walking around in them, and they are great for dressing up or down. The Merrell Range AC+ can take you from work to evening events or even vacations and sightseeing trips.

Clarks Taylor Shine Boots

Clarks is a brand that has been around for many years and has evolved to become one of the top brands in casual shoes. Clarks ankle boots are great if you want a good casual shoe that can be worn with jeans or even dresses. The Clarks Taylor Shine mid-calf over the knee boot is one of the best pairs of boots around. .

Top Men’s Shoes for Walking on Cobblestones

Even if you’re planning on walking or hiking all day, it’s not always necessary to have a thick, heavy pair of boots. There are some really light shoes that will protect your feet from sharp objects but aren’t going to make your feet overheat and burn for hours on end. Here are some great choices for men’s walking shoes.

Merrell Gridway

Merrell Gridway is the epitome of a high-quality, durable pair of walking shoes. Designed to withstand even the toughest conditions, these sturdy shoes are perfect for trekking. Additionally, they are eco-friendly and built from recycled materials.

Merrell shoes improve posture and reduce foot fatigue in people who spend a lot of time on their feet. Which includes those of us who work long hours in front of a computer, as well as morning exercise enthusiasts, and travelers.

Redwing Iron Ranger Boots

Durable, weather-tight boots that keep your feet dry and warm and let you walk for miles without discomfort are a rare thing, but the Redwing company has been making them since the late 1800s.

These are just some of the best shoes for walking on cobblestones and rough terrain.