What are the Benefits of Toilet-sink Combos?

Rohan Mathew

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In today’s article, we discuss the benefits of toilet-sink combos. Before we dive into discussing the benefits of toilet-sink combos, let’s first talk about its history. The toilet-sink combo has been around since 1956 and originated from the country of Japan. 

So what are toilet-sink combos? As the name suggests, it is a piece of equipment that combines a toilet and a sink. To help you better picture it, imagine a standard toilet that has a sink on top of its tank. This Japanese invention was initially created and marketed as a piece of space-saving equipment due to the fact that having a huge bathroom space is considered a luxury in Japan and that there is a lack of space in typical Japanese houses or apartments. This invention has since been adopted by other countries. 

For those who are unfamiliar with how a toilet-sink combo works, most would have a misconception that the water for the sink is the same as the water from the toilet but it actually is the opposite of that. The sink functions like a standard sink that is connected directly to the water source, the only difference is that the water used from the sink then flows into the toilet tank afterward. Toilet-sink combos are perfect for people who live in tiny houses or apartments. They are also well-suited for people who are conscious about the environment as well as their budget. 

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Now that you have a better idea of what toilet-sink combos are and how they work, let’s dive into the main benefits of having a toilet-sink combo installed in your bathroom.

It Saves Space

Circling back to the origin of the toilet-sink combo, this piece of equipment was invented to save space in houses or even restaurants that have small bathroom spaces. Understandably, this would not be a big deal if you have a huge house with a huge bathroom space, but large houses and apartments are getting more and more expensive. The trend of living small or living in tiny houses is becoming more and more popular and when it comes to living in small spaces, having a dual-purpose piece of equipment can make a huge difference. 

It Saves Water

One of the main benefits of having a toilet-sink combo is that it saves water. Instead of using separate water pipes for your toilet and sink and using clean drinking water to flush your toilet, you can stick to using only one water piper and using used water. 

It Saves you Money

As you are only using one water pipe, your monthly utility bills are automatically decreased. Not only do you have a single water pipe, but you are also recycling water which helps you save money as well. On top of that, having to install a conventional sink and toilet in your bathroom is going to cost you a lot more than having to install a toilet-sink combo as that will require more parts and as a result, having to pay a higher labor cost. 

It Promotes Better Hygiene

In trying times such as now, good and proper hygiene is your first defense against sickness and viruses. Having a sink that is attached to your toilet provides visual cues and helps promote better hygiene as people would no longer have an excuse for not washing their hands properly right after using the toilet. 

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It Helps Save the Environment

The last added benefit of having a toilet-sink combo is that you contribute to saving the environment. It is no secret that water is one of the most important natural resources that we have and it is not infinite in supply. By reusing water that you have already used to wash your hand and having it filtered to be used to flush your toilet, you are helping conserve the environment and promote a greener environment. 

People have a tendency to shy away from what is familiar and since a toilet-sink combo is something that is not widely popular in the United States, most would decide to just stick with the conventional sink and toilet, but the benefits of having a toilet-sink combo cannot be simply disregarded. Having a toilet-sink combo is a great investment that homeowners should definitely consider.