What are the CE requirements of Registered Unlicensed Electricians in Minnesota?

Rohan Mathew

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Electricians and other electrical professionals are one of the most important services for common households. Given the nature of safety and Minnesota’s surroundings, it is always essential to stick to quality and not hire unqualified professionals. This is because the professional standard of care is such that it cannot be diluted under any circumstance. This qualitative gradation is important because it will adequately highlight the importance of the quality and safety standards of electrical works, be it in our households or place of business and commercial place.

Owing to these considerations, the Minnesota legal framework requires registration and license of electricians. Registered unlicensed electrician MN continuing education requirements are a step in that direction. These directions define and emphasize specific metrics and quality control assessment standards.

What is the scope of work for a registered unlicensed electrician?

 The statute of Minnesota adequately defines electrical work as the installing, repairing, altering, laying out, or planning of electrical apparatus, wiring, or any other piece of equipment for electrical light, power, heat, technological systems, circuits, or processes.

All registered but unlicensed individuals are restricted to performing specific electrical work that is –

  1. Within the confines of the authority vested in the employer to do the electrical work; and
  2. Under the observation and watchful supervision of a licensed individual; and
  3. When the same contractor or employer hires the licensed and unlicensed (but registered) individual

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What are the requirements and qualifications for obtaining the proper license?

For any electrician or professional aspiring to begin the electrical works in Minnesota, the requirements of qualification are as follows –

  • They must have attained at least 17 years of age;
  • They must be registered as unlicensed individuals with respect to electrical works that require strict licensing standards for by an individual;
  • When renewing registration, such professional must report all the annual work experience they possess;
  • Must have completed two (2) hours of continuing education on the electrical code to renew their registration;
  • Such an individual is prevented from performing electrical work without proper supervision.

What is The Registration Fees for obtaining the proper license?

Primarily, the registration fees for the proper license is divided into categories as follows –

  • New electrical registration costs $14
  • Renewal of electrical registration when previous registration has not expired costs $19
  • Renewal of electrical registration when the previous registration has expired costs $24

What is The Duration of the Registration?

Each registration lasts for around a year from such a date when the registration was obtained. Thus, the registration expires on the last day of the month of the new registration. This is particularly significant given the duration of the CE requirements for the licensee.

Since the CE requirements mandate commitment hours to the National Electric Code annually, therefore expiration of the licensing process has to conform to the same ceiling limitation. The reason behind it is that the annual code is changed after every year. Newer provisions and other related amendments or modifications are added.

The registration process’s annual duration would ensure that the CE requirements are complied with under all circumstances, and the registration, as well as the licensing procedure, does not become insignificant; rather, they work in tandem.

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What Is The Application Process?

Whole application depends on the online method. Aspirants have to obtain an application form either from the nearest office or on the online portal. This application has to be submitted online and must be accompanied by the requisite fee.

It is worth noting that the work experience that is earned subsequent to the 1st of January, 2009 can qualify for a candidate’s license examination only if the said candidate has obtained the registration in Minnesota.

What Are the Continuing Education requirements for The Obtaining of the License?

Unlike the other states, the Continuing education parameters in Minnesota are not complicated and can easily be aced. The continuing education standards in Minnesota mandate two hours of commitment towards the National Electric Code’s education annually.

This move is particularly significant as numerous changes are made to the code on an annual basis by the state of Minnesota. This can involve amendments to the building, fire, and other hazards and emergency-related provisions. Thus, aspiring electricians must keep themselves apprised of the current situation.

Key Take-Aways

It is important to understand that the Minnesota rules and regulations have a major role in determining your licensing requirements. As a cautionary step, applicants must ensure that the proper steps are taken to ascertain the current regulation in response to the application requirements and other criteria.

Ultimately, the objective behind the process must stand fulfilled. The process aims to identify the yardsticks of safety and professionalism in electrical works. Efforts must be made to realize this and to further imbibe and promote it as an essential work ethic.