7 Tips That Make Gaming Channel Go Viral

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In This Article, We Are Going to Give You 7 Tips That Make Gaming Channel Go Viral

Are you a person who has a gaming channel on YouTube? You must think it is relatively difficult for you to market yourself on the platform compared to other creators.

You might be going through the entire process alone, be it content curation, shooting, editing, or logistics. It might be a tough task looking for free youtube converters, editing software, and appropriate equipment.

But when it comes to finding your special quality, something that is unique to you, you are not alone. You can use the tips given below, implement them, and see what works best for you. Along the way, you might also develop something of your own and find just what you need in order to have that strong online presence.

List Of 7 Tips That Make Gaming Channel Go Viral

7 Tips That Make Gaming Channel Go Viral Given Below

List Of 7 Tips That Make Gaming Channel Go Viral

  • Conducting Live Streams

This is a method of hosting on your channel that is most popular not only among gamers but many other creators as well. In a live stream, your audience can watch you play in real-time and interact with you as well. This is a method that will encourage a lot of engagement, and it works especially well when you have a larger fan base.

The length of your stream is also something that depends on your preference. It could be shorter if you wanted. Live streams leave a lot of room for real-time interactions and improvisations, which are not possible with a regular video. If the stream goes well, you can even upload it later as a video and enjoy the benefits of a regular upload.

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  • Enabling Super Chat

This is one of the features that YouTube has that has worked in favor of a lot of creators in the past. As a creator, all you need to do is enable a super chat for your channel. So the next time you live stream, your audience can make use of super chat to highlight their comments.

The way this works is, when an audience member wants to speak something or needs a shoutout, they can do so by paying some amount of money and then pinning their comments in the chatbox.

  • Raiding Other Channels

This is one of the most popular tactics used by gamers today. Raiding, a fellow creator’s channel, is a process wherein a person hosting a live stream goes and watches the live stream of another creator and asks his or her viewers to also go to their channel.

When all the views are shifted, the second creator gets a lot more views than they originally had and helps create a larger audience for both gamers. This tactic can be especially applied well to gaming since it is a channel that runs on a lot of live streams.

Also, it is a great exercise towards community-building where gamers interact within themselves and get to know more about people doing the same things as them. It also helps in the mutual upliftment of creators over a larger platform.It Is One Of The 7 Tips That Make Gaming Channel Go Viral

  • Reviewing the Latest Games

When you are aware of the environment that you thrive in and also all the things that are happening, it gives you an edge over your other competitors. This also includes being up to date with any new developments in the gaming world, like the launch of a new game, the introduction of a new format, and so on.

When a new game does launch, you can be one of the first few people to play it and review it for your viewers. This helps them decide if they actually want to buy the game, depending on the experience you shared with them. So, the next time they need more information about a game, they know they can rely on your timely updates and reviews. It Is One Of The 7 Tips That Make Gaming Channel Go Viral

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  • Collaborating With Other Artists

It is true that most artists prefer to thrive alone on such platforms, but in almost all cases, this method has not proved to be sustainable. The only way an artist can survive and make sure their channel succeeds is by constantly interacting with fellow artists.

Not only do you get to learn the way they do things, how they handle their channel, and a lot of other specifications, it is also nice to be part of a support system where all creators have formed an ecosystem.

Collaborating can mean that you feature them on your channel, and sometimes, they do the same for you. You can either play games together, do live streams together, or simply review games and accessories. It Is One Of The 7 Tips That Make Gaming Channel Go Viral

  • Fan Interaction

This is probably one of the most important parts when it comes to having a good and stable channel over a longer period of time. This could also be an extension of the super chat option. But, here is something else. We all know that having fan interactions is extremely important, not only for your goodwill but also to know what your audience likes and dislikes about your content.

There are various ways to hold fan interactions apart from super chat. You can do weekly question-answer rounds. Do not limit these only to live streams on YouTube but also try asking your audience to put up their questions on other platforms like Twitter or Instagram and increase your engagement there.

  • Hosting Tournaments

This is a step that requires a lot of preparation, especially in terms of logistics, but if you are well established and can manage it, you can hold gaming tournaments online for members of your audience that are interested in gaming.

You can do this using online servers, and this will help boost your channel in terms of views and subscribers a lot. It is also beneficial to hold community-building activities like these where you can encourage other players to participate rather than being mere viewers.

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Doing all of these things can help you get an edge over your peers and actually prove to be one of the ‘X-Factors’ that your channel might need. For any of your logistical or technical needs, you can always hire someone so that all you need to do is focus on the creative side of your content.

Apart from this, if you still wish to do it on your own, you can look for video editor free download online and actually be independent in terms of your operations. In the end, it all comes down to how creative you are, how you increase engagement, and how invested you are in building a channel. If you work relentlessly, your channel will be viral in no time!

We Had Given You 7 Tips That Make Gaming Channel Go Viral