What Are the Most Popular Window Styles in Toronto, Ontario?

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What Are the Most Popular Window Styles in Toronto, Ontario?

Window replacement is one of the most demanded services related to home improvements in Toronto. However, before starting such a project, it is important to decide what type of windows will fit best your home.

We have created this style guide, which will simplify your choice and help you to make the right decision.

The Most Popular Window Styles in Toronto

Each type of window construction has its own peculiarities, which determines the scope of its application.

Familiarity with the most popular styles is your step towards making a conscious and optimal choice for your home in Toronto:

  • Flanged

This type of window system can easily fit into any design, from ultra-modern to traditional.

They’re designed to open and close like a door.

  • Hung windows

They are also rather popular. They can be single or double.

The flaps can move down and up the frame. Often such windows are purchased for the traditional style houses.

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  • Sliders

In this case, the flap does not move up/down as in hung structures, but to the side. It allows a lot of daylight into the room.

Typically, such windows are purchased for houses with many horizontal lines and the design of the windows will continue the general style of the house.

Sliders can be single or double.

  • Awning

Not to be confused with hung windows! Yes, they are a bit similar, but in this case the bottom of the window swings outward horizontally. A great choice for a loft or a room where you want ventilation and protection from the rain.

We recommend planning window replacement for the off-season: then the weather is more favourable and the cost of services is more affordable.

Apart from the season and the type of window, a lot depends on who will do the job.

Take a look at Vinyl Light Windows & Door. The company has been performing window replacement for over 13 years, making Toronto homes even more beautiful and lighter.

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Vinyl Light offers an individual approach to each order, high quality of services and a wide range of products of all styles and formats.

You will be satisfied with the cooperation.