What Devops Skills Are Highly Important For Every Organization?

Rohan Mathew

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What Devops Skills Are Highly Important For Every Organization?

DevOps practices have been highly popular in the IT industry, and several organizations apply them for software development needs. That is why DevOps jobs have become a highly lucrative option for candidates, who have chosen the IT field for career development. Your fluency in DevOps will let you grab a good job. However, which DevOps skills will help you to gain the attention of potential employers?

  1. Scripting skills and Linux Fundamentals

A few years ago, companies were concerned about the proprietary OS. But today Linux has earned popularity. Several organizations like to host their applications on this Operating System. Thus, it is important to have skills in managing and using Linux OS. Moreover, Ansible, Puppet, and other configuration management tools have master nodes based on Linux. DevOps ensures automated Infrastructure provisioning.

A DevOps specialist needs to be proficient at dealing with a scripting language like Python. 

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  1. DevOps key concept

To become a DevOps engineer, you must know that it refers to a methodology. DevOps brings together 2 teams- Dev and Ops. With the basic DevOps concepts, you will be able to provide the best solutions to complicated business issues. Moreover, you need to maintain positive relationships between customers and the business. 

  1. Continuous delivery and integration

CI/CD is the most important aspect of DevOps. It is a way to integrate the code from developers, test them continuously, and deploy them successfully. 

  1. Infrastructure As Code

It was once much tedious to provision an IT infrastructure. Due to the emergence of containerization and cloud computing technologies, the infrastructure is easy to provision by using an automated script. Moreover, this script implements the relevant commands and manages configuration, and you need to use the best tools for it. You can deliver the application platform within a few seconds which allows you to automate devops.

  1. Management of source

The regular task of developers is to create software codes and modify them. Source code management systems are useful for storing codes and merging old codes with new ones. The code versions are also easily controllable. Github and other tools are effective in collaborating source code between developers. 

  1. Soft skills to become a DevOps engineer

It is important to have some soft skills in the IT sector, especially for applying the DevOps methodology. Several organizations rely on an agile process for the use of DevOps methodologies.

The operations staff (like DBA, system admins, and system engineers) and software developers have to collaborate and communicate with each other. It will help in streamlining the software development life cycle and mitigating risk factors.

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  1. Basic knowledge about networks

A DevOps professional must learn about network basics because he needs to implement the application to the end-user. However, there is no need to be a networking specialist. At least some basic knowledge is essential to deliver the software application. It is better to undergo a fundamental training in networking to become DevOps engineers.

Additional skills that make you more efficient-

  • Knowledge of deploying code
  • Knowledge of software architecture
  • Database management skills
  • System design knowledge
  • Application programming skills

Acquire these skills and look for remote jobs online. You can now prepare yourself to secure a good job as a DevOps engineer. Refine your DevOps engineer skills with the best training courses. You will be successful in building a career. You may work for a company remotely.