What Do You Call the Things That Hold Your Sunglasses With Sunglass Clips?

Albert Howard

What Do You Call the Things That Hold Your Sunglasses With Sunglass Clips?

There are many parts to a pair of sunglass. There are temple tips, end pieces, curl sides, and eye wires. To help you identify the parts of your sunglass, this guide will break down each part by name. These parts are also called earpieces or temple tips. Listed below are some common parts of sunglasses. These parts may be used interchangeably. If you are thinking about buying a pair of magnetic glasses with sunglass clips, you need to consider a few things.

Temple tips

A sunglasses frame has a series of joints between its temples and end pieces. The end pieces connect the front frame to the hinges. The temples are attached to these joints with screws. The end pieces may also hold nose pads. These are usually made of plastic or metal. Temple tips are made of the same material as the end pieces. 

The acetate temples are reinforced with a wire core, which helps maintain the adjustments made by opticians. The acetate temple tips are the pieces that slot over the metal temple ends. They are the part of the frame that is most visible and can make or break your glasses’ comfort level. You can buy different temple tips depending on your preferences. There are many different styles available. Just make sure that the one you purchase fits your face shape and size.

End pieces

Sunglasses are constructed with end pieces to hold them onto the temple. The temple tip is the piece that rests on the front frame and adds extra comfort. The end piece is attached to the temple by screws and may also hold the nose pad in place. Metal frames also have an end piece called an eye wire. The eye wire extends out from the temple and bridges the nose. The end piece protects the area behind the ears from scratches.

End pieces for sunglass clips are typically the outermost edge of the frame’s front, where the temples attach. They vary in size and shape. The rear side of the end piece usually has a recess where the hinge is inserted. Some hinges require rivets to go through the front of the frame. Several types of end pieces are available, and each type has a different function. These end pieces can also be used to secure sunglasses to a vehicle window.

Eye wires

When you’re wearing sunglass clips, you’re usually holding onto the wires that hold the frames together. This is an important safety feature to have, because if the clips come loose, you’ll probably end up with a flimsy pair of shades. The good news is that most sunglass clips come with their own repair kit, so you won’t have to spend any money at all.

Curl sides

A popular style of sunglass clip is the one with curl sides. These clips can be found on wire rim frames, which are typically made of fine coiled metal. They come in different lengths and are sized to fit a wide range of heads. The curl sides of these clips also allow for a tight fit around the ear, resulting in a comfortable fit for both men and women. Curl sides are not always visible, however.

Top bar

The Top bar is a simple yet effective way to transform an optical frame into a stylish pair of sunglasses. Featuring a spring-loaded design, this accessory is available in a variety of frames, including aviator and retro styles. The Top-Bar also serves as a convenient way to attach clip-on lenses. The Top bar is a crucial component of a sunglass, as it ensures a secure fit for any frame.


Choosing a new hinge for your sunglass clips is easier than you may think. Often, these hinges use a spring to secure the temples in place. These hinges are generally found on Ray-Ban glasses, but they should work with most sunglasses. Alternatively, you can purchase a standard barrel hinge that will fix your glasses without extending the hinge. For this type, you must use a replacement temple screw. If you don’t want to replace the entire hinge, you can use a small push pin instead.