What Does a Law Firm SEO Expert Bring to the Table for Your Legal Practice?

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Clients are an important part of any business, regardless of what industry you belong to. They have the power to dictate whether your company will grow or fall. And, the more customers your business gets, the better goods you should produce to generate better profits.

Just like any kind of business, law firms also need clients to thrive. While the ultimate goal is to be of service to people, still, running a law firm is a business. Without any clients, it will be difficult to make your law firm survive.

Although there are many ways on how to get a client for your law firm, one method that stands out is digital marketing. One study shows that 37% of individuals rely on the Internet when it comes to finding a lawyer. But with more than 400,000 law firms operating in the US alone, how will you make your firm stand out? The answer is search engine optimization (SEO).

In this article, you’ll learn how important it is to partner with a law firm SEO expert and how to hire the best one for your company. 

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SEO and Its Role in Your Law Firm

SEO involves many processes wherein the main objective is to increase your website’s quantity and quality of traffic through organic search engine results. The goal is, if someone searches for certain legal services, your law firm will appear at the top of the search results. Let’s just say that SEO is the key ingredient that can make search engines choose your website whenever someone searches for an industry-related keyword.

Take a look at some of the reasons why attorney SEO marketing is essential to your firm.

Improves Your Firm’s Online Visibility

The right application of SEO strategies can help make your law firm more visible to online users. A study by Ahrefs on non-branded search queries shows that the top-ranking page gets 49% of web traffic. The second-ranking page is down to only 22%, and the third-ranking 12%. Each ranking only gets half of the web traffic the previous one gets.

So, if your website has high rankings, more people will get to know your firm and contact you.

Increases Your Firm’s Credibility

SEO is not just for search rankings. Tactics, like link building and guest posting, increases your firm’s authority in the legal industry. Just make sure that the links you have and the guest posts you contribute to other sites are relevant and useful. This helps position your website as a trustworthy source. 

However, you should take note that building credibility is not overnight work. Nonetheless, a law firm SEO expert can help make your way to the top of search engine results a lot faster.

Shows That Your Firm Is Competitive

As mentioned earlier, competition is tough in the legal industry, as there are already a lot of law firms out there. What can help you stand out among the rest is using appropriate SEO techniques. Using the right tactics can help position your firm to be more available to your potential clients. 

Offers Your Firm More Exposure

Technology plays a vital role in almost any type of organization. The different processes of SEO can help you establish a strong presence online which will lead to more potential clients contacting your firm. Pieces of content, like articles, infographics, and videos, can help make your information easier to consume, boost your firm’s trustworthiness with your audience. Creating social media pages for your firm can also help you connect to more audiences, which you can convert to actual clients.

Generally speaking, SEO strategies will raise awareness that your firm exists and build a community that can directly contact you should they need legal assistance.

Choosing the Best Law Firm SEO Agency

Only law firm websites with high rankings get the most clicks, thus more clients. To get ahead of the game, you should hire a team of experts who specialize in your business, such as JustLegal – lawyer SEO company

So, how do you know whether or not the agency suits your needs and can provide you with the results you want?

Identify Your Goals

Before you start looking for a digital marketing agency for law firms, it’s best to lay down what your goals are, first. This is because not all SEO companies offer the same services. By setting specific goals, you can narrow down your choices and ultimately end up with the right agency that can meet what you want to accomplish.

Know Their Services

Once you have identified your goals, it’s important to know what services the SEO agency you’re considering offers. The best SEO companies offer a wide range of tools and services just to ensure a comprehensive approach to their client’s campaigns. Knowing their services will let you know if they are a good fit for what you’re trying to attain.

Review the Company’s Accomplishments

SEO companies usually are on their best foot forward when talking to potential clients. Of course, they will highlight their past experiences. But don’t just take their word for it. Ask for proof that their law firm marketing services are effective. 

Are they able to help law firms or attorney websites to rank organically on the first pages of the search engine results? You should be able to check this with just a quick online search.

Interview Existing and Past Clients

How else will you get to know an SEO agency better? Through their current and former clients. Ask them whether they have a positive or negative experience working with that SEO company you’re considering hiring. You may also ask them if the agency is responsive to requests or if the results were delivered as promised. If they are a previous client, a good question would be why would they have to end their partnership. The answers to your queries are a big help in your making your final decision.

Ask If They Can Customize SEO Packages

Not all law firms handle similar cases. That is why the best law firm SEO expert to work with is someone who can offer a custom plan for your firm. Ask if the SEO agency is willing to tailor a marketing campaign specific to your firm’s legal services and knows the best practices to get you the right kind of clients. Consider it a red flag if the SEO company is not willing to help you capture the traffic and generate certain leads you prefer.

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In Summary

SEO plays a big factor in growing your law firm. With the right SEO tactics, more people will land on your website and may even be converted into a client. Just make sure you hire the right agency by following the tips mentioned above.

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