What Does a Social Security Disability Lawyer Do?

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60% of people who hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer (SSDL) get approved for their social benefits. Only 34% of the independent applicants get approval.

An SSDL can be a significant boost to your social security benefits. The lawyer may not guarantee total success to your case, but they can help you get what is rightfully yours and give you peace of mind during that time.

They can also provide handy support during that trying time to see you get what you deserve. If you would like to know more about what a social security disability lawyer does, read on to learn more.

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Facilitates the Application of Social Security Disability Benefits

It’s the work of a OPERS Disability Lawyer to help you apply for your disability benefits. When you approach the lawyer, they examine the case closely to know your chances of success in the claims application.

For instance, if you registered for the social benefits less than six months ago, the lawyer may advise you to wait a little longer because you can only qualify for the benefits after six months.

If you qualify, the lawyer requests for your cards, which include the national identity card and your SSD card. They then use that information to initiate the claim, either online or offline.

The claim application process requires one to fill out the forms. The forms require high levels of accuracy failure to which may result in denial of the benefits.

Since the SSD lawyers are experienced in the field, they fill the forms and submit them at the right time to prevent you from incurring penalties.

While you may still apply the claim on your own, it’s advisable to seek the help of a lawyer to increase your chances of approval.

Helps in Evidence Management

In many states, the application of social security benefits is followed by an interview. During that interview, you should provide supporting documents to prove that you are indeed disabled and qualify for the benefits.

Your application cannot go through when you have not provided the right evidence. SSD lawyers help the applicants to collect the right evidence. Here are some of the documents that the lawyer may ask you to provide:

Medical Documents

As mentioned, the medical documents with proof of your disability. Both the past and the recent medical records may apply for your case.

The records should clearly show the medications you have been using, the hospitals you have been visiting, and the doctors who have been attending to you. The records should also include the names and personal contact information for the mentioned doctors.

Work History Documents

You should provide your work documents for the past 15 years. The documents should show your job title, the duties you were doing, and your salary.

Workers Compensation Documents

Did you get any compensation after the work-related injury? If yes, then you should provide those documents. The records should show the date of compensation and the amount of compensation as well.

The documents should also specify the exact work injury that happened to you and made you disabled.

Personal Documents

Personal records include your original birth certificates, your social security benefits card, personal location addresses, and so on. Other supporting documents include marriage or divorce certificates.

Some of these documents are not easy to gather. The disability lawyers advise the applicants on the right documents that apply to their case to get approved. The lawyers can also help you collect some of these records to support your case.

Educates the Applicants

A social security disability lawyer does not only represent the applicants in court but also advises them. Not all people know their rights. Their lack of knowledge makes them vulnerable to all forms of mistreatment, including denial of compensation.

Great disability lawyers educate their clients on their rights and the types of benefits they are entitled to.

Ideally, there are two types of disability benefits: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Disability Income (SDI). SSDI works like insurance, whereby your family and beneficiaries can enjoy the benefits.

On the other hand, supplemental benefits only replace the income that you were getting. These options require careful considerations to choose the best. You may click here to view more on SSDI and SDI benefits.

A great lawyer educates you on the two options so that you don’t get surprised when one method is selected.

Besides the benefits, lawyers can also advise on how to conduct yourself during the court hearing process.

If you wish to seek a new employment opportunity, the lawyer can educate you on how you should live to avoid future problems. That advice can help you make a well-informed decision, to not only get the benefits but also to have a happier future.

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Represents the SSD Applicants in Court

If you have been in court before, then you probably know that court hearings are not for the faint-hearted. From the lengthy sessions to the tough questions, many things happen and can only be handled by a qualified SSD lawyer.

The attorney stays by your side during the court hearing sessions. Even before you attend the hearing, the lawyer finds out the possible questions which you might be asked and prepares you psychologically.

The pre-preparation ensures that you provide a comprehensive testimony not only to increase your approval chances but also to increase the amount of compensation.

If your case is represented well, then you can rest assured knowing that you will have a successful social benefits application and that you will get the benefits.

Handles the Bad Facts

Many bad facts surround social security benefits cases. These bad facts may come from the doctors, judges, or your employer/former employer.

For instance, the doctor may argue that you have not been following your medical instructions, or you have not been taking the drugs. Similarly, your employer may argue that you are exaggerating your symptoms, or you were not hurt at work.

All these facts can hurt your case and lessen the amount of compensation you should get. The disability lawyers are familiar with these facts, and they can, therefore, apply the right arguments to help you win.

If your case is complicated, then you should find an experienced lawyer to help you make the right arguments for the case. The right lawyer will not only argue but also provide tangible evidence on how the injuries/disabilities affected your work and overall health.

Cross-Examines the SSD Professionals

SSD professionals are also known as vocational experts. They are qualified lawyers employed by the SSD firms to examine the applicants.

They can do a private investigation on the applicants to know if they are faking the disability, or if what they have listed in their application is correct. The vocational experts are always against the applicant, and they can do anything to reduce the disability benefits you will get.

An experienced social security disability lawyer can cross-examine those investigators so that they don’t hurt your case. That work would be too much for an independent applicant, and in most cases, it would lead to automatic disapproval.

Communicates With the Medical Providers

SSD lawyers communicate with the medical providers about the case. This is true in cases where the doctors are not willing to provide any information about the patient.

For instance, the doctor may be too busy to fill the medical forms or to sign them. At times, the doctors may be afraid of providing the right information because they believe that they will fall to severe legal troubles if they provide the information.

Since many doctors do not know how the SSD benefits work, an experienced lawyer intervenes and guides them. Ideally, the lawyer finds time to meet with the doctor and explains why they need the doctors’ hand in the case.

After that, they assure the doctor that nothing wrong will happen to them when they provide the information. Through the lawyer, the doctor may understand the case and coordinate to help you win the case.

All that you have to do is find a great disability lawyer with excellent communication skills.

Provides Long-Term Support

It is the responsibility of a social security disability lawyer to provide lasting support to the client.

The support can be through:

  • Informing the client of any changes in the SSD law
  • A change in the benefits that the clients will be receiving
  • Calling to check on them, and confirm that there is no problem with the payment of the benefits
  • Following up on the client’s medication

The support can come in many ways, as the goal is to keep the client satisfied with the service they got from the lawyer.

Find an Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you were injured at work and you didn’t receive your benefits, find a great social security benefits lawyer to help you. The social security disability lawyer will listen to your story and guide you on what you should do. Ensure that the lawyer is experienced, reputable, and is friendly to consult.

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