Various Steps to Fix a Damaged iPhone Screen

Rohan Mathew

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Nobody likes to take the damaged screen iphone along with them and want to restore the device as soon as possible. Fixing the broken device follows various steps for complete care and maintenance. In this article, all doubts regarding the steps of refurbishment are solved, and you will get complete information about the whole process.

Iphones are usually famous for their touch screen quality and cameras, and both are of exceptionally high quality, and if they get damaged somehow, one has to look for a smashed iPhone screen repair center where they can submit their iPhone for restoration.

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Steps involved in screen repair

If somehow, you had broken your iphone screen, you should look for the technician as soon as possible to avoid further harm to the iphone. Here are the steps mentioned in fixing the screen of an iphone-

  • Removal of the screen
  1. Using a small pentalobe screwdriver, two screws at the phone base are unscrewed. The screws are tiny, so avoid losing the screw as it is hard to find a new screw in the market. It is the first step in iphone screen repair.
  2. Cover the iPhone screen of the iphone with the packaging tape to hold the whole screen together, and it will help remove the screen quickly and avoid breaking of glass further.
  3. Apply some dry heat with a dryer’s help to melt the gum used while attaching the screen to the phone and remove any moisture present.
  4. Use a suction cup and apply at the center of the screen and pull out the screen gently from the phone carefully as it is attached to the phone with some wires. Avoid damage to the wires. If the screen did not pull out, try this process three to four times and used dry heat at a repeating time. If the suction cup makes some trouble fixing the screen’s surface, moisten the cup and press it against the screen to make a grip.
  5. When the screen is pulled out from the phone, insert a pry tool beneath the screen and move it from corner to corner to cover every edge. This is done to cut down the gum, which is applied under the screen at the time of manufacturing. Remember, the pry tool is always inserted to few millimeters; otherwise, it may cause internal damage to the phone. Then lift the screen about 90 degrees to the right.
  • Removal of components
  1. The second step of iphone screen repair starts after the successful removal screen; remove the connector shield after that. The connector shield looked like a metal plate and held screws, removing the screws first and then removing it. There may be more than one connector shield depending upon the model of the iphone. Under the connector shield, connectors are present, which seems like ribbon and very delicate, so removing will be done with care.
  2. A small metal plate is also present at the top of the iphone, which is the earpiece plate. Take the pentalobe screw drive and remove screws first always. Do not mix all screws because they are tiny and will cause difficulty in separating them later. Then remove the home screen at the bottom. If the removal of the home button is difficult, there must be gum is used. So use a dryer to melt gum and for easy removal. Avoid overheat, which may cause damage to the display of the phone.
  3. There are two more small screws present on the backplate and two on each side of the phone; use a pentalobe screwdriver to remove all the screws. Lift the home button and plate but turning the phone over to the table. Avoid quick pulling and twisting that can rip it and damage it. Then in the iphone screen repairprocess, unscrew the front assembly-like speaker by using a spudger to pry the speaker up from the top edge gently. Apply some heat by the dryer to loosen the adhesive gum and to remove the microphone. Then remove the sensors carefully as they are very costly and do not found easily. Gently wiggle and lift the sensors out from their slots. There is an additional metal plate below the speaker present; remove that also.

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  • Installation of the new screen
  1. To install the new screen, first install the bottom plate in the new display, place the metal plate at the lower edge and screw it correctly with the right screws. Then use adhesive gum to attach the wires again with display control. Then install the speaker and sensors at their right position into the slots. Press them down gently to fix them. Screw the speaker assembly, do not screw too tight. Then install the home button on the screen, and the screw is well.
  2. Reattach the metal plate of the display panel and align the metal plate accordingly with the screw holes. Then pick the earpiece, attach it back to the right corner of the phone, find the screw for this, and screw it properly.
  3. Then apply adhesive gum to the back frame or panel of the iphone. First, clean the back frame from the previously attached adhesive. Then place the sticker inside the phone using the camera and other components and ensure proper alignment. Reconnect the connectors and their cable with the screen and then place the connector shield properly and screw it properly.
  4. Finally, connect the new screen with the iphone by connecting the ribbon like connector, one to the top of the phone and one to the phone’s bottom. Make all the connections correctly and press the screen on to the phone, and starts the iphone. iphone screen repairprocess is done.

By understanding the above steps, repairing the iphone screen will seem an easy process and do not take much time to replace. Repairing the screen from any private store rather than the apple store will cost you much less.