What Features to Look for in the Best Gardening App?

Rohan Mathew

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Gardening is an art and a science. In its artistic form, it requires arranging the plants so that they are aesthetically appealing. In its scientific way, it needs you to be aware of the basics of botany and horticulture.The urban population has become health conscious and have started consuming 10% more fruits and vegetables over seven years. This has led to an increase in the number of people cultivating home gardens.

With the help of the vegetable garden planner app, you can begin your horticulture journey today. Let’s discuss what features the app should have.

Plant Identification

Both new gardeners and experienced ones come across certain plants that they are unable to identify. The numerous varieties of flora and fauna, you can’t name them all. Having an app that can identify the plants based on photos can be heaven-sent. It helps you weed out any poisonous and dangerous plants from your garden.

Plants don’t need to be eaten to be dangerous. Some plants can result in an allergic reaction by just touching them or being close to them. Spathiphyllum, “Peace Lily” is a common houseplant that adds scenic beauty to your living room, and can be harmful if ingested. Similarly, Pothos, “Money Plant” is another feature in most houses. It can cause skin irritation, burning in the mouth, or vomiting if eaten.

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Gardening Calendar

While taking care of your garden is a year-round activity, planting and sowing are seasonal activities. Having an app that gives you alerts about the various activities related to your garden can be very useful.

Your busy schedule may cause you to neglect your garden, but you can be sure that you don’t miss important events like ripening and blooming, with customized alerts and notifications.

Spot Plant Diseases

Plants are prone to disease like any other living organism. Being able to identify the disease is the first step to treating it. Your gardening app should have a feature that gives details of the most common plant diseases. It should also allow you to click a picture of the affected area and upload it to get an expert’s opinion.

Landscaping Ideas

Home gardens can take any shape and size. When you take up gardening on a large scale, it is best to get professional help on design and structure. Therefore, apps that offer landscaping ideas are recommended.

Since the garden will be the first impression of your home, you want it to be picturesque. Get ideas of what to plant where so that the garden is pretty and strategically planned.

Few apps also allow you to snap pictures of your property and make recommendations based on the property dimensions. Landscaping can be an insightful feature of the vegetable garden planner app.

Evidence-Based Research Recommendations

With millions of varieties of plants, anything can go wrong. Having access to research papers and expert advice can go a long way in planning the perfect garden. Scientists worldwide research plants, and some of that research can be very useful to your garden. So, apps that provide an encyclopedia on plants are the best.

Weather Features

The weather plays a vital role in horticulture. Only if you have a temperature-controlled greenhouse, you don’t need to worry about the weather. Getting updates on upcoming weather events can help plan your gardening activities.

Similarly, seasonal changes can guide you through the various activities, like sowing, growing, plucking, and cultivating, that need to be carried out.

How-To Videos And Articles

A gardening app should have a library of how-to videos and articles on just about anything garden-related. This includes picking the right tools, for cultivating heirloom pink tomatoes, and everything in between.

Smart Recommendations Based On Search History

Smartphones are smart for a reason. They can complete most of your searches without you typing in the entire sentence. They also remember what you searched for the last time and make recommendations.

Similarly, a gardening app should be able to store your search history, recall it, and make recommendations.

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Community Chatrooms

You are not the only gardening enthusiast out there, and sharing your ideas and knowledge can be very fulfilling. Having a forum that allows you to connect with people of the same interest can help in answering some of the most critical questions you have.

Gardening is no longer a solitary activity. With so many gardening apps that offer advice, helpful tips, and a plethora of knowledge, you have a chance of sharing your hobby with like-minded people. The vegetable garden planner app opens a world of opportunities that you didn’t think were possible.