What Hacks Do Amazon Sellers Use To Dominate The Marketplace?

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Sellers on the eCommerce platform have one primary aim and that is increasing their product sales. Amazon marketplace is a vast online hub for the sellers and is quite competitive. To gain a competitive advantage in the dynamic marketplace, the sellers need to come up with their unique tricks and hacks.

If you are a seller on the Amazon marketplace and want to expand your sales, then this article is for you. There are many hidden hacks and tricks for the sellers using which they can dominate the eCommerce platform.

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Top 5 hacks to dominate the Amazon marketplace

Here are our top 5 picks which can help you gain a substantial increase in sales:

●  Amazon Sponsored Ads

The success of a product sold on Amazon depends on how well you have marketed the product. Even if you have hired the best Amazon product photography services for creating eye-catching photography of your products or catchy descriptions, the lack of marketing will negatively impact your sales report.

But there is nothing to worry about as Amazon has got you covered. You can go for the Amazon sponsored ads with the help of which your products will appear on the first results page so that the buyer’s attention falls on your products. Along with the PPC campaigns, the sellers will be paying for the advertisements based on the frequency of activity.

●  Translate product descriptions

Amazon’s online marketplace is perhaps one of the biggest online eCommerce portals in the world and this means you will have international customers. This is your golden opportunity to increase your sales and dominate the market at once.

But for this to happen, you need to focus on the translation services of your products page. There can be buyers from non-English speaking countries and you will need to hire translation services to translate the product descriptions to their native languages. In simple words, the translation of your Amazon A+ content service will help you reach a bigger audience and new markets.

●  Go for ASIN piggybacking

There can be instances where the product you are selling to the customers can be similar to the other products available on the same site. You have used the best Amazon product photography services and created the best product outlook. But still, there can be different sellers selling the same or similar product on Amazon. How can you overcome this situation?

Here steps in Amazon piggybacking. This is a win-win situation for the sellers as this concept is simply about becoming an additional seller. Amazon will prepare a listing based on the ratings and reviews of the sellers and the price. The buyers can choose their preferred sellers and buy the product from whoever they want to.

● Focus on Amazon A+ content service

Amazon A+ content service is an up-gradation to the basic A+ content. This feature aims to create a unique shopping experience for customers. In simple words, this feature includes all the valuable details a buyer needs to know before making the final purchase of a product from a seller. The only thing is that this service is an invite-only and on the expensive side.

Amazon A+ content service contains the following features:

  • Usage of Amazon product photography services to create visually attractive product images.
  • Usage of integrated high definition videos with 360-degree product views.
  • ‘What’s in the box’ option.
  • Elaborate descriptive FAQs.
  • Pages optimized for both mobile and desktops operating systems.
  • Using trending keywords

This is a secret hack the Amazon sellers have been using for a long time. Apart from using the Amazon A+ content service and the best Amazon product photography services, there is one more thing that meets the eye. The hack is nothing but using the trending and hot keywords in the product description. Content on the internet is all about using the relevant and trending keywords and Amazon product description is no exception.

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Use as many trending keywords possible in the product description box and this will prove helpful to the buyers who are specifically looking for those keywords. If you are not sure which keywords to use, then you can seek the help of a keyword planner or any other tool.

This article sums up the top 5 tricks and hacks related to dominating the Amazon marketplace. If you are a seller, AmzOneStep suggests that you make sure you adhere to the above-mentioned points. The goal is to make things more interactive yet simple to the buyers.


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