What is a Formal Letter

Rohan Mathew

what is a formal letter

Writing skills are essential even in the twenty-first century. Texts are written, formatted, and checked for errors, even when they are sent by e-mail. You can use a formal letter template to speed up the process. All you have to do is put the correct information in the blank spaces. Such texts are sent to government officials, bank or insurance company employees, a supervisor, or an organization 

Formal letter template: key features 

It is recommended to use a sample of official letters. It is important to write the recipient and sender’s addresses in the correct places (upper right and left corners of the sheet). The date of the text should be written below. An important point is given to the form of address. It should consist of the word “Dear” and the title. It can also include the first name and surname.  

It is necessary to take into account the type of the business letter.

  1. Commercial offer ( about cooperation). This is the possibility of partnership subject to certain conditions. 
  2. Guarantee letter ( regarding the fulfillment of obligations), for instance, about the payment by a specified date. 
  3. Offer (on the provision of services or delivery of goods). The text provides the specific conditions of the contract. This is the description of the goods, their cost, and the term of delivery. 
  4. The complaint (official claim). The recipient is notified about the incomplete/low-quality performance of obligations. Most often this form is used to be filed with the defective goods. 
  5. Accompanying letter. One of the examples is an inventory of the goods enclosed in the envelope. It is obligatory for participation in tenders. 
  6. A reminder (about the approach of a specific date). This is the end of the contract period, which can still be extended or re-negotiated. 
  7. An invitation (to an exhibition or conference). The sender can send an extra reminder to the partner. 
  8. Congratulations (business style). 

A business letter can be of a standard nature. In this case, it is sent to one address. The name, surname, and position of the specific person should be indicated at the top. A circular is a document that can be sent to several addresses at once. 

Literacy is an important point when writing a business letter. The text should be written without punctuation, spelling, or stylistic errors. Their presence can discourage the recipient, create a negative opinion about the sender, or reduce the likelihood of partnership. 

Before writing a business letter you should decide on its type (invitation, offer, notification). The text should be arranged in paragraphs for easy perception. It is recommended to write a brief content to notify the recipient of the subject (in the extended form). 

Business style in the formal letter template

The tone of the letter should not be rude or harsh. It is better to use a business style. The text should be easy to read. For example, a new topic should be covered in a separate paragraph. The CV should describe why the applicant can be employed for a particular position. Here it should be briefly explained about the applicant’s work experience. The letter of complaint describes the situation that occurred. It is necessary to describe what happened in detail. After that, possible solutions to the problem can be suggested. 

Can Pandadoc be used to sign letters?

Legal entities can use special software to automate document management. One of the available options is Pandadoc, which can be launched not only on a computer or laptop. This software can be downloaded to a smartphone, in which case the authorization is performed using the existing credentials. The advantages of the user-friendly interface include: 

  • digital signature function;
  • possibility of customization by the user;
  • built-in sample documents. 

When drafting a letter, it is only necessary to enter the correct information in the blank fields. This makes it easier to automate the document management process.