What Is an EDC Knife (And Why It’s the Best)

Rohan Mathew

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What’s in your bag? Are you armed with tissue packs, reading glasses, pens, or checkbooks? A knife is another great addition to any purse, briefcase, or hiking bag.

A knife can assist you in many everyday situations. But what is an EDC knife and how is it different from the blades in your wooden kitchen block? You’ve come to the right article for answers.

What Is an EDC Knife?

EDC stands for Everyday Carry which implies that it’s a tool, not a weapon. An EDC knife is multifunctional, lightweight, durable, and portable. These are some of the characteristics that make them attractive to buyers and collectors.

The main idea behind these knives is that you’ll be ready for anything. Not in the doomsday sense, but for tasks that require a sharp object. Unlike a kitchen knife whose purpose is to chop vegetables or meat, an EDC knife is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to maneuvering daily life.

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What Is It Used For?

Anything. If you need ideas, letter opening, cutting boxes, severing rope, and chopping wood are some of the many functions an EDC knife can perform. Owning one of these knives helps you in daily life and reduces the need for other gadgets. Say goodbye to letter openers and scissors as you get comfortable with your EDC!

Which Should I Buy?

Owning or starting a collection of anything is exciting. EDC knives are functional and can be stylish or practical depending on your personal preference.

These top switchblades are excellent for your pocket and have a ton of great features to explore. Think about what you’d use it for and narrow down the options from there. The materials used in your knife are fun to experiment with.

What A Great EDC Should Have

The first question to ask yourself is if you want a fixed or folding blade. A fixed blade is trickier to everyday carry because you’ll need a sheath. A folding blade, aka a switchblade, is a great choice for easy storage and are typically more lightweight.

We don’t recommend a serrated knife because they’re harder to sharpen. A straight edge blade’s versatility will help you out of far stickier situations.

If you decide to go with a folding blade, make sure you get one with a sturdy locking mechanism. This means that the blade will not move and/or open on its own against any force or pressure unless you press a specific part of the EDC. This is an important safety function.

Finally, you must decide between carbon-steel and stainless steel blades. Read up on the differences between each material and determine which is right for your everyday needs. Carbon-steel can produce a spark for kindling but is more prone to corrosion.

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Is It Legal to Carry and Own?

Check your state’s local carry laws. Carrying an EDC knife is legal across all states in the US, but the size of the blade is regulated by the state. Make sure you know the dimensions of the knife before you buy so that your EDC is accepted wherever you go in public!

Remember that an EDC knife’s usefulness is not measured entirely by its size and that certain knives are banned because of criminal association.

Add an EDC to Your Bag Today

So what is an EDC knife? It’s a versatile and handy tool for everyday life! Explore EDC pocket knife options online to find which is right for you.

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