What Is an Example of a Cloud-Based Application?

Rohan Mathew


Whether you’re an IT fanatic or an ordinary device user, you’ve probably used a cloud-based application or the typically called Apps via your desktop or smartphone. Usually, the simple definition of a cloud-based application is a programmed software element utilizing the internet and other local components to transfer and deliver computing services and resources locally and globally through an internet connection from a localized data center.

Examples and Types of Cloud-Based Applications

A 2016 study by Cisco shows that MYOB Advanced cloud-based applications have become today’s most essential data transferring, delivery, sharing, backup, and storage components everyone is fascinated about. According to the study, leading content production and distribution companies like Netflix utilized cloud-based applications in 2016. They reported magnificent improvement in their customer’s abilities to seamlessly stream online while the company increased its productivity by over 50%.  As such, more and more cloud-based applications began coming up daily, releasing great examples such as:

  • Atlassian

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Atlassian is one of the leading cloud-based applications you can utilize, especially if you’re a small business entrepreneur.  The application is incredibly helpful in producing Saas products helping small businesses to streamline their workflow across departments effortlessly. It also allows you to efficiently align your employees and coworkers, organize their work, schedules and interact remotely. 

Atlassian hugely impacts businesses by producing application components you can use to align work, such as Trello, Jira, and Confluence. These components allow you to collaborate with coworkers, employees, and partners by tracking work progress, assigning tasks, and giving everyone a chance to handle their work based on their schedules and responsibilities. With Atlassian Confluence, you can effortlessly build your organization’s team that is secure and reliable, considering the application offers you a seamless opportunity to collaborate remotely, keeping track of essential projects anytime. 

Likewise, if you’re interested in a cloud-based application that comes highly protected by privacy controls, Atlassian Confluence is still your best shot. The application is designed with privacy controls and data encryptions, thus keeping your business safe primarily through its secure verification standards needed before anyone can access your boards and files. Additionally, Confluence offers you a 99.9% uptime, meaning you can track project deadlines effortlessly, sending and receiving notifications for completed work, and more without having to reach out to an employee attending a given task. Lastly, if you’re the admin, you can easily track all users, manage or create groups, establish changes, and get notified on progress.  The application is also safer since you get notified of any data threats and suggestions for improved security through the cloud security broker section.

  •  SalesForce

Located in San Francisco, California, it’s another important example of a cloud-based application, especially if you’re a business person fascinated about boosting your customer relations and generating significant sales leads. The application comes designed with cloud computing features combined with customer data and artificial intelligence abilities. These features help you quickly identify potential customers and close sales efficiently. As a customer relationship and sales lead management tool, you can use SalesForce to inspect every customer’s view in your business departments, such as services, marketing, and sales.  

According to a customer relationship and sales leads management study, SalesForce took the lead as the best management tool for customer relations, and sales lead used by over 150 0000 companies worldwide, including some of the top successful brands such as Adidas, American Express, and Amazon. The study also says you can use SalesForce to understand your customers, connect with them hence growing your customer base, considering you’ll understand their needs and best services, thus offering them what they’re looking for every time.

  • Slack

If you’re fascinated about operating your business by having a seamless opportunity to send and receive messages from your team, interact through videos, and more, slack is an excellent cloud-based application example for you. Located in San Francisco, California, it’s an application you can remotely use to collaborate with your coworkers and employees by creating channels you can send and receive group messages, share individual topics and organize work.

Likewise, slack allows you to video chat, share files in PDF formats, and integrate other applications like SalesForce and DropBox. Some of the leading companies globally utilizing slack include NASA, Airbnb, and HelloFresh.

  • Zoom

If you’re a student, lecturer, or business owner looking for a cloud-based application that offers high-quality video and audio calls, Zoom is your best shot.  It’s an incredible application that saves and records class and business meetings and conference calls, thus making it easy for absent members to listen and watch what they missed, especially if it’s hard for others to explain to them comprehensively.

A cloud-based application isn’t hard to use despite your IT skills and experience. As such, utilizing an excellently programmed App like SalesForce will efficiently reduce the cost of operating your business, help you create a significant customer base, and more.