What Is Data Privacy? Tips to Protect Your Business

Rohan Mathew

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In this Article We learn about What Is Data Privacy? Tips to Protect Your Business:

Over the last two decades, several businesses have been affected by data breaches. These data privacy breaches caused considerable financial damage along with hurting reputations.

What is data privacy?

This article will help you discern data privacy and how to keep it for your business. Don’t become the next digital victim.

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What Is Data Privacy?

Data privacy is a form of security that deals with the proper handling, storing, and protection of information. Here are some ways to improve this privacy.

Mobile Device and Computers

Any company smart device and computer should never be left out in the open with easy access to guests, clients, or strangers. Remind employees to have proper passcodes on all devices and to change the code frequently.

If possible, company offices shouldn’t be close to the lobby or area accessible to non-authorized personnel.

Do you provide IT security training? Part of an employee’s training should include secure storage of company technology and security measures if there’s a breach.

Screening Emails

Your network infrastructure should already have a firewall to screen emails from scammers and hackers. Even with the best internet defenses, criminals can still find a way to infiltrate your network.

If you don’t recognize an email, don’t open it. Send it to your IT security specialist. Even if the email is from someone you know, they may have been compromised. If the links look suspicious, don’t click them.

When in doubt, ask the sender through another form of communication whether their email is legitimate.

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Claim Your Online Presence

Google pages and review sites offer businesses the chance to claim their online presence. Failing to do so can force your business to go on the defensive.

If a third party or separate entity claims your site, they can make up the hours, link to a competitor’s site, or respond to customer or client reviews. Not being able to control these pages can ruin your reputation.

The distribution of your social media posts can be controlled as well.

It might be fine to broadcast your posts to everyone, but being able to restrict the post gives you the ability to prevent certain people from accessing the information.

The bottom line is to ensure that you’re the only person who can act like you online. this prevents vendors or clients from reaching out to the wrong person or company.

More Than Passwords

Add an extra layer of security to devices by having more than a password. Two-step authentication ensures only the authorized user is accessing sensitive information.

Two-step authentication requires a user to enter the correct password and a passcode sent as a text, email, or phone call. You can never have too much protection.

You can enhance your security and minimize risk by following these best practices for data privacy.

Protect Your Company

Knowing what is data privacy and the proper measures are priorities for any business across any industry. Failing to identify and prevent breaches jeopardizes your business and makes your clients open to attack, too.

Stay updated with the times and have a strategy in place.

Make sure you keep up with the newest innovations. Keep reading our tech section for more informative articles.