What Is Neurofeedback Therapy? Everything You Need to Know

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The world of mental health is constantly shifting and expanding in astounding ways.

Many of us only think of therapy as sitting on a couch, telling a therapist about all of our problems. While talk therapy is still widely used, this isn’t all that the mental health field includes in the current world. 

One of the newest and most exciting types of therapy is neurofeedback therapy. Many people are unaware of what it is, but they’ll be amazed once they find out.

To be amazed, keep reading below to learn what neurofeedback therapy is. It’s essential to be informed of the technological advances that have the potential to help us!

What Is Neurofeedback Therapy?

This type of therapy truly showcases the magic of science!

If you’re looking to avoid medication, you’ll be relieved to know that neurofeedback doesn’t use medication and it’s noninvasive. This type of therapy uses an EEG machine to measure brain activity. 

It doesn’t hurt, and it doesn’t use any sort of electrical shocks. It sounds much scarier than it is! Luckily, you’ll have a professionally trained practitioner with you the whole time.

By measuring brain activity, you’ll be able to notice improvements over time and identify any issues in brain functioning. There are certain functioning patterns that may be disrupted or altered in the presence of mental health disorders.

You’re probably asking, “What does neurofeedback help treat?” It can help improve symptoms related to ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

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What Do You Do in the Session?

You’ll start each session by speaking with the practitioner. They may ask questions about current problems you’re experiencing and any past experience with therapy.

Then they will hook you up to the EEG. The EEG shows the practitioner how stimuli presented in the tasks alter your brain activity.

The practitioner will then give you your task, such as playing a game or watching a video. The video or game will stop and go. Meanwhile, the practitioner will be tracking brain wave activity. 

Overall, the goal of the therapy is to train your brain. You’ll see this within the use of the gaming task.

A rewarding game will play when your brain is showing it’s in an efficient state. The game will pause if your brain activity is moving away from an efficient state. Over time, your brain will learn what to do to reach an efficient state because it’ll want a reward. 

If you want even more information on neurofeedback therapy, check out more info here

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Neurofeedback Therapy: Therapy of the Future

Neurofeedback therapy isn’t your typical type of therapy. This type of therapy harnesses the power of science to actively create healthy changes in brain patterns. 

There are some pros and cons of neurofeedback therapy, like any other type of therapy. Cons include the potentially hefty prices and mental fatigue. Pros include that there’s no use of medication and that it’s completely safe. 

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