What Is Smog Abatement Fee?

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What Is Smog Abatement Fee?

You are here looking for the answer to what is smog abatement fee? In California, every vehicle has to get a certificate that says that the vehicle you are driving meets the state’s population standards. Let us know about what is Smog Abatement fee in California and everything about it.

What Is Smog Abatement Fee?

The smog abatement fee the fee that allows you to skip these certifications. The smog abatement fee in California is generally charged $25 that has some exceptions. However, there are some vehicle owners that are exempted from paying the fees.

Smog Abatement Free Rules

Here are the new rules that are effective from 1st January 2019.

  • All the vehicle that are 8 years or less old is exempted from the smog certification.
  • All vehicles that are 7 or 8 years old have to pay an abatement fee of $25 annually
  • The vehicles that are 7 years old are exempted from paying smog abatement fee if they obtain the smog certification before the time for example per in 2019 a vehicle is of the year 2012 then if the smog certificate is obtained in 2018 the owner is exempted from the smog abatement fee
  • To determine the amount you need to pay you can subtract 7 years from the current year and figure out that the oldest car has to pay $25 as a smog abatement fee. Even a 6-year-old vehicle needs to pay $25 as a smog abatement fee.
  • To determine which vehicle are eligible to pay 20 dollars as a smog abatement fee you need to subtract 5 years from the current year. All the models that are within these 5 years till the newest models have to pay 20$ instead of 254
  • Additional Exemptions are for the vehicles that are older than 1975 as they are gasoline-powered and are exempted from having a smog certificate.

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Is Smog Abatement Fee Tax-Deductible?

No, the smog abatement fee is not tax-deductible

Does The Seller Have To Pay For Smog?

In California, if you are the seller then legally you need to provide the buyer a valid smog certificate when you sale the vehicle

What Is The License Fee California?

The vehicle license fee that is VLF is 0.65% for the first year of the purchase. After that, it decreases to 0.0975% in the 11th year. For example, if you purchase a vehicle for $20,000 then the license fee will be $130 for the first year and it will decrease to 20$ by the 11th year.

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How Do I Know If I Need A Smog Test?

The DMV REGISTRATION Renewal Notice will indicate when you need a Smog Check. You can take your vehicle to any Smog Check Station unless your vehicle doe not needs a Smog Check at the STAR station.

Can You Sell A Car In California That Won’t Pass Smog?

If your car is more than four years old, and has a problem with smog or the emissions system, you might still be able to sell it, if you disclose the problem to a willing buyer. In this case, you should document in writing that the buyer is knowingly buying a car with a failing smog check.


In California, every vehicle needs to get a certificate that will indicate about the vehicle you are driving meets the state’s population standards or not. The smog abatement fee simply allows you to avoid getting these certifications. The California smog abatement fee is generally charged as $25. The rules have been modified from 2019. In the above article, we have mentioned everything about what is smog abatement fee in California And its rules.