What Is the Cheapest Way to Replace a Window?

Rohan Mathew

Whether at your business or home, replacing windows has many undeniable benefits that you should not overlook. With the suitable materials and window replacement models, replacing your windows enhances increased security, boosts property value, and even reduces risks to human health. 

But still, the factors affecting your Window Replacement project depend on your budget, the size of the windows you want to replace, and even the purpose of your place. So, to avoid confusion, let’s look at the available window replacement options, the factors affecting them, and how you can determine which is the cheapest for your needs.

Types of Replacement Windows

It doesn’t matter if you want to replace your windows with new models or use replicas of the old ones. The best thing you can do is consider the available options and decide what you want. And some of the best window replacement options include the following.

Double- Hung

If you want to replace your windows for aesthetic purposes and boost your property value, double-hung replacement windows are an excellent consideration for you. They look classic and contain operable lower and upper sashes. These sashes allow air to circulate efficiently. The installation of the double-hung replacement windows also allows you to decide whether to slide them or install them vertically. You can also decide on various materials, colors, and styles. And this way, regardless of your property’s appearance and design, you will always find double-hung windows best suited to your project.

Single–Hung Windows

These appear the same as double-hung windows but are slightly different in that they don’t have double sashes. Instead, they offer a single operable option, meaning you will have to decide to either install them to open upward or downward. However, most single-hung windows easily tilt and slide, and if you install them vertically, their opening and closing are more accessible.

Gliding Replacement Windows

These are also known as sliding windows, and they are different from single-hung and double-hung windows. They instead move horizontally, not vertically, or slide along the opening channels and tracks. They also have single panels that move and allow them to open halfway. 

And still, you also need other materials to install along with their panel slides to keep these windows in place and even open or close them effortlessly.

Casement Replacement Windows

Unlike their counterparts, these have hinges mostly on one side, making them able to pivot outward and open from both sides, and this advantage makes them the best for quick ventilation regardless of the direction of the air. And more importantly, casement windows are the most popular, and you will almost always find them from most manufacturers.  

Awning Replacement Windows

These are similar to casement windows but have hinges at the top. Because of this, they open sideways and from the bottom. Moreover, unlike others, awning windows are the best if you want to prevent rain and other elements from entering even when windows are open.

The Window Replacement Materials to Consider

Even after selecting the best window replacement option, the window frame material is another factor to consider for finding the cheapest yet best window replacement. Usually, window frames are made of different materials. These materials influence their durability and look, which are factors your budget determines. But still, regardless of how much you invest in replacing your windows, look out for the following frame materials:


If you’re replacing your windows and want the most affordable yet classical window frame material, Vinyl is likely your best shot. Vinyl window frames have hollow chambers inside that make them save energy and resist condensation and other effects of heat. This way, vinyl replacement windows require minor maintenance and sometimes don’t even need finishing or painting to make them attractive.

So, in the end, these windows will easily invite buyers, and that’s an advantage for marketing your property cheaply, especially if you’re into real estate. And not to forget, vinyl-framed windows don’t fade, peel, or even rot regardless of the adverse effects of current weather conditions.


While fiberglass replacement window frames are a bit more expensive than Vinyl, they are cheaper if you consider replacement windows that save more energy and thus reduce heating and cooling bills. Still, fiberglass windows last longer than their counterparts and are resistant to most damaging elements, especially extreme temperatures that destroy most windows.

Composite Windows

Composite windows will get you sorted if you want replacement windows made from a blend of materials. Unlike their counterparts, these windows contain fiberglass and resin materials and are an excellent option and even cheaper in terms of maintenance.