What Is the Difference Between Plantation Shutters and Traditional Shutters?

Rohan Mathew

Window coverings provide privacy and protection against UV rays and other adverse weather conditions. There are several window coverings available on the market that you can select as per your choice. From curtains and blinds to shades and shutters, the market offers many options to suit individual needs and preferences. An experienced indoor shutters company says that you should select shutters after considering the interior setting of your house, your budget, size of windows, and durability.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are pretty popular in the home decor industry. They are the preferred choice for many homeowners. They’re most commonly available with a louver sized 3 ½ inches but can also be found with 2 ½ or 4 ½ inch louvers. If you’re searching for a contemporary-style shutter that can enhance and brighten up any space, the plantation shutter would be the perfect addition.

Plantation window shutters were earlier used as external window protection equipment, but lots of people use them as an interior window covering nowadays. These shutters are cheaper than draperies and increase the value of your property. They are a suitable option for kitchen windows, are highly energy-efficient, and help save money on electricity bills. These shutters are low maintenance and can be easily cleaned.

In summers, these shutters keep your house cool, while in winter, they provide adequate warmth inside the house. They don’t have dangling cords which makes them safe for kids as well as pets. In terms of functionality, plantation shutters function in the same way as traditional shutters. Both of them have louvers placed in window-mounted frames. You can easily manipulate the louvers to control the amount of sunlight and air entering a room.

Materials for Shutters

Most plantation shutters are made from solid PVC or wood or a combination of both. PVC is considered to be the best material when it comes to providing insulation. It also weighs less as compared to wood and ranks high in terms of durability. On the other hand, wood gives an authentic traditional look to your house, and it can be stained according to your preferred choice of colors.

It is available in lighter as well as darker shades. Vinyl shutters are cheap as compared to other materials. Some low-end vinyl shutters have structural issues if the size is too large. The most preferred color for plantation shutters is white, but there are stained shutters, which you can buy per your preference.

Size of Louvers

  • 2 ½ Inch Louvers: It’s the smallest available louver size in the market, and this size works well when you’re trying to give a traditional look to your home. This size works well for small-sized windows and is also suitable for larger ones.
  • 3 ½ Inch Louvers: Homeowners most commonly prefer this louver size as it gives a contemporary look and feel to the house and works nicely for small and large windows. It allows plenty of light to enter the house. 
  • 4 ½ Inch Louvers: It is suitable for patio doors as well as large windows. Larger louvers work well in bedrooms and living rooms.

Traditional Shutters 

Traditional shutters are built with narrow frames and 1¼ inch louvers. Some high-quality shutters are made from hardwood. These shutters provide a timeless look and are suitable for windows of all types and sizes. Traditional shutters are also called colonial shutters, and they work well as insulated window treatments. These shutters were dated back decades ago. They were designed in the New England States for the first time. These shutters mostly come in standard sizes, and hence, they can fit almost any size of the window.

A seamless fit is essential irrespective of the style of shutters. There are a variety of ready-made shutters available in the market, but they might not fit your windows well. If they are made in some other country and imported, you cannot be assured about their quality and durability. 

We at Southern Custom Shutters provide custom-made shutters as per your specific needs and preferences. Our experts will come to your house and take accurate measurements so that your shutters fit seamlessly on your windows. After that, they will install the shutters, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house. Our team is well-versed with the entire process and works hard to live up to your expectations. Our services are also quite affordable to suit everyone’s budget.