The Best 5 Best Car Shipping Company of 2021

Rohan Mathew

When it comes to shipping an automobile, it is essential to seek out the best shipping company you can find. This is because shipping with a low-quality company can ruin your entire shipping experience. In some cases, shipping with the wrong shipping company can even lead to a major financial loss. As a result of this, you need to take your time and figure out the best car shipping company to deal with. 

Nevertheless, there are some important factors one needs to consider before booking any car transport company.  Not taking these factors into consideration while picking your preferred shipping company can lead to a bad shipping experience. This interstate car transport company suggests some of these factors below. 

Factors To Consider When Picking Out The Best Shipping Company 


You must consider the amount of experience a shipping company has before choosing to engage any of its services. You also have to consider the experience of their drivers. The company might have been operational for a long time, but the drivers aren’t. So, you have to make sure that both the company and the drivers have adequate experience.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

As a result of the competition in this industry, some shipping companies may be offering lower prices. That isn’t always a good thing. So, you need to assess the benefits alongside the cost. A car shipping company might seem pricier than another one, but it may offer tracking services that the other one doesn’t. So it’s not just about the low price; it’s about the efficiency and what the price covers.

Customer Service

Remember that you are about to entrust your precious possession to a company, so the customer service must be very responsive. During the shipping process, a situation that might lead to the delay of your shipment can arise. A car shipping service with good customer relations will carry you along and ensure all your concerns are addressed when this happens. 

On-time Arrival

A car shipment can sometimes get delayed. This might be due to reasons far beyond the shipping company’s control. However, this shouldn’t be a norm with your shipping company of choice. Some car shipping companies have a track record of late arrival. As such, you have to check if late arrival is a norm for the company. If it is, then that’s not the kind of company you want to hire.


For companies that have been operational for a while, the chances are that they have a long list of clients. Often, the reviews of the services rendered by the company and details of issues encountered are made public. So, it is best to always check past clients’ reviews as they give an idea of its service delivery pattern and efficiency.

Shipping Quote Calculator

One of the characteristics of a good shipping company is transparency. This transparency cuts across all issues, mainly when calculating the quote. Most good shipping companies have their shipping calculator on their website. You can simply input the type and size of the cargo to be transported and immediately get the cost.

Tracking System

Knowing the location of one’s automobile as it travels from one state to another is vastly underrated. Some car shipping companies understand its importance; hence, they offer their clients a tracking service that enables the automobile owner to estimate and follow the trip without actually being present in the car. Simply put, it eliminates worrying.

Considering these important factors, here is a list of the best car shipping companies of 2021.

  • EasyAutoShip: This shipping company provides international shipping as well as interstate shipping of all kinds of automobiles. They are licensed and verified with good customer ratings.
  • Sherpa Auto Transport: This shipping company provides outstanding shipping services. Its cost average is a little bit on the high side, but it’s worth it.
  • Interstate Car Transport: It’s an Australian car shipping company that stands out. Although this car shipping company mainly deals in interstate shipping services, it deserves to be on this list. 
  • Montway Auto Transport: Montway is primarily famous for its fast delivery. However, its services are only available within the United States.
  • AmeriFreight: As the name suggests, it is an American company. It’s also quite expensive, but it compensates for that with its no deposit policy.

If you are looking to ship your automobiles, then any of the above-listed companies will be an excellent choice for satisfactory service. Feel free to reach out to any of them for more information.