What is the type of Funeral Package in Singapore that is most suitable for your loved one?

Rohan Mathew

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When people are exhausted by the loss of their loved ones, they are not in a position to arrange their funeral. So to solve this problem, many Funeral services providers provide the best work at a reasonable price. But here we will only mention Singapore. There are various Funeral Service Providers available in Singapore. They provide various Funeral package singapore. In this article, I will explain which package is suitable for the people of Singapore. First of all, I will explain all the packages in turn and lastly, I will present my point of view on which package is suitable for Singapore. Various Funeral Services providers in Singapore offer the following packages. 

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Different service providers provide their packages at different prices. The price of this package starts from 800 dollars. It also has packages. You can choose the package according to your preferences and needs. It is not similar to the traditional funeral ceremony. Anyone can save both money and time by choosing this package. This is a great option for the needy and poor. By choosing this package, they can perform the last rites of their loved ones in a dignified and easy way. I will now highlight some of the key features of direct funeral services. 

  • In direct funeral service instead of performing a funeral ceremony, you jumped into the cremation process of the dead body. 
  • In this package, the body is usually cremated in a simple container and no special type of coffin is used.
  • The embalming process is also skipped in the direct funeral service package. 
  • Direct funeral service avoids Funeral Hearse, Massive Pall-Bearers, Luxurious Ceremony, Funeral Parlours, Gorgeous Decorations, Paper Products, Costly Food Menus, High Valued Condolence Wreath. 
  • However following necessary steps must include, Transportation of the body, Slot Booking of cremation, Cremation Fee, Arrange a small prayer for peace of the deceased, and Ash Collection Service. 


Buddhist funeral packages start from 5300 dollars for three days and also provide 6300 dollars for 5 days funeral ceremony. There are no hidden costs in this package and the pricing schemes are also reasonable. It includes the following necessary things. 

  • A beautiful coffin
  • Body transportation from the death place to the care center. 
  • Embalming and make-up services by female embalmers. 

Setup of the funeral day 

  • One large photo of (10 by 12)
  • A wooden photo frame
  • Fresh flowers 
  • Donation box
  • Fifteen square tables 
  • 10 roundtable 
  • 100 plastic chairs 
  • Air coolers
  • White T. Shirts 
  • Joss Sticks, Lotus Candles, Incense Coil, Premium Lotus Blanket.
  • Air conditioner bus of 50-seat

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Taoist funeral services provide their first package for three days for 7500 dollars and their second package for five days and its price is 8500 dollars. Details about the Taoist funeral package are as follows. 

  • They provide a wooden casket with half glass to see the box 
  • Body transportation service
  • Embalming and make-up services 
  • Reservation for cremation slot
  • One large photo of 10 by 12
  • One photo frame 
  • Fresh flowers 
  • Donation box for collecting donations 
  • Blanket, Pearl and pillow set 
  • 15 square tables 
  • 10 roundtable 
  • 100 plastic chairs 
  • Air coolers 
  • Lighting 

Now, I shed light on the paper products 

  • Funeral Lanterns
  • Paper House
  • Gold and Silver mountains 
  • Guardian Angels

Taoist Priest Chanting Ceremony

  • The first chanting session takes place when the body is transfer into the coffin
  • Chanting session performed when rites of funeral take place on the last night. 

Moreover, Funeral Day Service, Post-Funeral Day Service, and Mobile Toilet services are also provided. But mobile toilets pay additional charges. 


Different service providers’ package price schemes are also different. But some of them charge only 4000 dollars for3 days package funeral and 4700 dollars for5 days package funeral ceremony. Some basic features of catholic funerals in Singapore are as follows. 

  • A white wooden casket with half glass 
  • Transportation of the body to the service providers center 
  • Embalming process 
  • Make-up 
  • Dressing and Casketing.

Funeral day setup consists of the following steps.

  • Booking of cremation slot 
  • Transfer of casket 
  • Catholic Candles, Holy Water & Prayer Books.
  • Ash collection service.
  • Mandai cremation fees.
  • Air conditioner bus of 50-seat 
  • 15 square tables 
  • 10 roundtable 
  • 100 plastic chairs 
  • Air coolers 
  • Usual lighting 
  • One large photo of 10 by 12 
  • One photo frame for photo 

Moreover, food and drinks and Mobile Toilet services are also provided but they charge additional charges. 

Christian Funeral Service Packages Singapore 

The first package of Christian funeral services is for 3 days and priced only 4000 dollars and their second package is for four days and its price is 4350 dollars and the last package is for five days and its price is 4700 dollars. Their pricing schemes are very transparent. Details about packages are as follows. 

  • It includes a Diamond shape wooden casket with half glass 
  • Move body to the care center 
  • Embalming process and make-up services by female qualified embalmers. 
  • Dressing and Casketing.

Details about funeral day setup are as follows 

  • Cremation slot booking.
  • Arrangement of the casket area. 
  • Glass hearse transport. 
  • Cremation Fees.
  • Ash collection service. 
  • 15 square tables 
  • 10 roundtable 
  • 100 plastic chairs 
  • Air coolers 
  • Usual lighting 
  • One air-conditioned bus of 50-seat 
  • Ome enlarge photograph of the deceased 
  • One wooden photo frame 
  • Donation box 

Also provides food and drinks and Mobile Toilet with extra charges. 


 Soka funeral package Singapore contains two main packages, one consists of three days and its price is 4000 dollars. The second package consists of5 day funeral ceremony and its price is 4700 dollars. Further information about Soka funeral packages Singapore are as follows 

  • Dark wood and light polished wood casket. 
  • Transfer the dead body from the dead place to the service provider’s center. 
  • Embalming and make-up services are also provided by a qualified female embalmer. 
  • Dressing and Casketing.

Information about arrangements on a funeral day is as follows. 

  • Reservation of cremation slots 
  • moving Casket to Mandai
  • Usual lighting 
  • 15 square tables 
  • 10 roundtable 
  • 100 plastic chairs 
  • Air coolers and one 50-seat air-conditioned bus. 


After my research and in-depth study, I have concluded that the most suitable of all the above-mentioned packages is the three-day package. Because it provides all the necessary funeral arrangements at a low cost. So I would recommend this package to all of you.