What Is Your Spirit Animal? How to Find Your Spirit Animal

Rohan Mathew

When you are seeking spiritual or psychic guidance, a good starting point can be identifying your spirit animal. According to Native American tradition, your spirit animal can act as a guide into the metaphysical world. It is believed that your animal can impart its unique qualities to you to help you better face the challenges in your life. So, how do you find your spirit animal? Here are three ways to help you determine what type of animal your guide is.

Reference Your Astrological Sign

Many of the standard astrological signs are represented by or have a connection to animals, and you can look to that bond when seeking your spirit animal. If you were born under the sign of Leo, for instance, you may feel strongly about lions or other felines. If you are a Pisces, then fish or other beasts of the sea may speak to you, and the same may hold true if you are an Aquarius since the sign is associated with water. Looking to your daily horoscope may be all it takes to identify the animal that can provide you with guidance in the psychic realm.

Watch for Clues

Sometimes, the spiritual world may try to reach you by providing clues or signs, and this could be the case when it comes to finding your spirit animal. Perhaps you frequently dream of forests or meadows; if so, focus on the creatures you encounter in these dream settings to see of one feels particularly significant. Try to recall details from your dreams the moment you awaken so you’ll notice if a particular animal appears repeatedly.

Even outside of your dreams, your subconscious mind may direct your thoughts toward certain animals. You may be drawn to nature shows featuring wildlife, or new friends you meet may keep unusual pets. Be alert to the creatures that enter your sphere, as one of them just might be your spirit animal. Psychic readings may also deliver insight into which animal you should connect with.


If the identity of your spirit animal isn’t coming to you in one of the above ways, it can help to clear your mind in order to provide a path for communication. By meditating, you can create an opening for the spiritual world to share with you what it has to say. When you are perfectly still and quiet within your meditative state, pay attention to any images or sounds that come into your mind. Do you hear doves cooing or see whales skimming through the sea? These may be signs from the metaphysical world as to what type of animal is seeking to guide you.

If you devote some time and energy to identifying your spiritual animal, you may eventually find one that you feel aligned with. However, if you are struggling to find yours, or are unsure of how to interpret your animal’s role in your life, reach out to California psychics for guidance. They may be able to help you with the answers you seek.